Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd - A Great TV Day In History For Me - Friends 20 Years, Veronica Mars & Lost 10 Years

September 22nd is apparently a very good day for TV for me.  I may need to start eyeing show premieres for this date in the future.  Maybe it will bring good shows.  There are three anniversaries going on today with three of my all time favorite shows.  Friends, Veronica Mars, and Lost.  All three premiered on this date.  Veronica Mars and Lost celebrate the same anniversary premiering 10 years ago tonight.  Wow, was that ever a good night of TV??!!  Friends premiered on this night 20 years ago.  So, let's look at each one.

Friends.  When a show has been off the air for ten years, it really does slap you in the face with reality.  Back in May, we celebrated the anniversary of the finale.  Today, we celebrate the premiere. The popularity of Friends still to this day is everywhere.  Whether it is the huge opening of the Central Perk attraction that opened recently or just that you see it everywhere in reruns.  The lines at the Central Perk opening were huge which was great to see.  Make no mistake that if I was in New York, that would have to be a stop for me.  I still watch Friends every night.  Granted I haven't watched it as much in recent months because of the madness that is Big Brother fandom with Big Brother After Dark airing at the time I usually catch my Friends reruns.  LOL.  I watch the same episodes over and over and I still cheer when I look and see that a favorite episode of mine is coming on.  We were left with so many memorable lines over the years with this show and memorable moments as well.  I do the Friends online quizzes just like everyone else and then get annoyed when I miss even one question.  Whether it was the apartment bet, the prom video, pivot!!!, gum would be perfection, Ross not being able to flirt (oh, the humanity), or countless other moments, we still laugh all these years later and enjoy this show and this cast that gave us so much.  

Veronica Mars.  Our little show that could.  :)  10 years ago, Veronica Mars premiered on UPN and it immediately won over a dedicated fan base.  It seems like we had to fight for that show from the get go.  Rob Thomas brought such a beautifully written show to TV and just kept us wanting more.  Kristen Bell was a star from the beginning and played the role so amazingly.  The Veronica zinger lines were just something we always waited for and looked forward to.  Just to have this strong female lead was just awesome.  We were hooked with the awesome story line twists that would always mess with us as we tried to figure out where these mysteries were going.  We got three seasons of Veronica Mars on TV.  It carried over to The CW for season three as we got into the college years.  The fans fought hard for this show especially with the cancellation talk every year.  The fandom stepped up huge every single time.  When the show was cancelled after season three, there was a pitch for season four.  The pitch is shown on the season three box set and it would have been a winner.  Just like everything Veronica Mars is.  The network passed on it.  Isn't it ironic that the network that had to have their arm twisted to keep Veronica Mars now has a web series of it.  Funny how things turn, isn't it?  Last year, it was put up or shut up.  The talk of the movie.  Here was the Kickstarter campaign launched out of nowhere.  The rumblings of a movie had quieted after Rob Thomas said that things just didn't seem to be going anywhere.  This stunned all of us when on a quiet normal day, here comes the Kickstarter campaign.  Raise $2 million and the movie happens.  Not just their movie but our movie.  The show, the fan base, everyone that loves this show.  The money was raised in 24 hours!  I sat and watched the Kickstarter campaign refreshing the page every few seconds.  Just watching it in amazement.  The totals climbing and climbing.  I was just in awe thinking this movie is going to happen.  Of course, the campaign raised a lot more than the intended goal which made the movie even better with the money they could throw at it.  Yes, I was a Kickstarter backer!  Of course!!!!  The gang was back together.  We got our movie and it was awesome!  It was tied up in a nice little bow for all of us fans that have stuck by it.  When it came time for us to put our money where our mouth was, we did.  Now, we have books coming out picking up where the movie left off, a web series, and the possibilities of yet another movie.  10 years later, our show is still kicking along and may have more momentum than ever.  Veronica Mars not only set records last year with the Kickstarter campaign, it set a standard in entertainment with many people taking note of what was going on.  It has inspired others to do the same and opened a LOT of doors.  Happy 10 years marshmallows!  

Lost.  10 years ago today.  This may be the most addicting show that I have ever watched in my life.  This was the ultimate description of "I'll watch one more episode."  "Ok, one more episode".  Then, by the end of the day of binge watching, you have watched 10.  LOL.  Yep, that was me!  You had to constantly see what was going to happen next.  The writing was amazing.  The cast was great.  The crew was awesome.  We got wrapped into these characters, their backgrounds, their stories on the island, their future, and their lives.  The mysteries of the island, the odd characters that would show up, and just what was that noise back there in the trees?  I still remember the day that I am watching that one season finale and I'm watching Jack and Kate together.  My brain is scrambling trying to figure out where in the world can this possibly be in the time line???!!!  It doesn't make sense.  Then, we got the reveal of this is a flash forward.  This show had such a way of making our minds stir and then making us cheer when we realized what was going on.  There was action, drama, and comedy in the mix.  They took us on a wild ride.  The finale is obviously debated.  I loved the finale.  Still love the finale.  I went and watched the finale at a theater with a group and I have never heard a group so quiet as we watched that last 15 minutes waiting to see how it was going to turn out.  You could hear a pin drop as we all just stared at the screen.  Lost is one of those shows that you would love to watch with someone that has never seen it.  You get to see their reactions and remember your own.  I would love to re-watch Lost from the beginning and see it again.  I think it would be fun to see what I catch on to with future happenings.  

So, there you have it.  Just thought I would touch on the irony of three of my all time favorite shows premieres on the same date.  Have a great rest of the day!

Take care and God bless!!

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