Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Brother 16 Finale Thoughts and My Love For This Season - Still Team Nicole!

I haven't had as much time to put to the website but if you have been following me on Twitter, I have been following the happenings of Big Brother 16 huge.  This has been one of my most favorite seasons ever.  After the bad that was BB15, this was such a welcomed relief.  Do I wish there had been more big game moves made?  Oh yeah.  This group was a fun group this year and I just really enjoyed them. I had moments that made me crazy especially as a Nicole fan.  Looking at you Caleb.  That backdoor on Frankie was swinging wide open and you shut it.  LOL.  I am definitely Team Nicole over here and she was just a true joy to watch all season long.  Just such a genuinely sweet person and she was ready to play this game.  I just wish some others had jumped behind her to where she could make some power moves in this game.  The one chance we had at it was so close in that HOH after she came back in the game.  It would have been really interesting to see how that alliance handled some pressure.  It wasn't looking like they could handle it all that well based on seeing how they reacted after Nicole came back into the house.  It was stress city among that group for a couple of hours.  It was stress city for me cheering her on in that return to the house competition.  LOL.  Derrick is, of course, the winner of Big Brother 16.  He played a great game,  It made me crazy at times (LOL) but he played a great game.  The biggest influence of power that he had was that one day where Caleb and Frankie were trying to get Cody to flip and vote Nicole out instead of Donny.  It took them an hour to try and sway him.  Then, Cody finally went for it.  Derrick came in and shut down in 30 seconds what had taken an hour to get there saying "vote out Donny."  Social media was hilarious to watch at that moment when everyone just reacted at it saying well, so much for that.  LOL.  Derrick's game has been compared to many of the greats in Big Brother history including Dr. Will and Dan.  I still wouldn't put it over either of them obviously cause those are just untouchable games for me.  Just my opinion anyway.  Derrick really did take a page out of Dan's book seemingly at the end cause he had a Memphis and he had a Danielle at the end of the game meaning Cody and Victoria.  The only worry among many Derrick fans was whether he would have the votes at the end.  He had almost played so good under the radar in the house that many wondered, including myself, if the house realized just how much in control he really was of the game.  He did have a jury that saw all of that.  My only complaint with Derrick's game is that I still don't understand why he would lie to us on the feeds.  Such as the night that Donny was evicted and he looked at the cameras saying "sorry, I tried to save him".  We had seen the opposite on those same cameras that he was talking to.  That has really been my only thing with him is that I just wish he had owned it instead of trying to tell us opposite.  We have no pull in this game obviously so why lie to us?  LOL.  Derrick played a great game and I am so appreciative of just how much of a super fan that he is and it showed with him saying goodbye to the backyard on the feeds.  I would be very much the same way if I was in the house feeling emotional about it all. 

Cody has been asked multiple times about his decision to take Derrick to the end.  I feel bad for him cause he almost sounds exhausted at the question at this point but it is obviously going to be the first question.  Could he have won taking Victoria?  Probably.  Just never know with a Big Brother jury with what they are thinking.  

America's Favorite.  So excited to see Donny get that and that Nicole got in the top three as well.  Zach was clearly in that mix too.  If I had to pick the three that were the most popular of the group, that would have been my guesses at top three favorites.  

I loved Big Brother 16.  The withdrawal of it now being over has kicked in.  That is always a sign for me that I love a season.  It is great seeing the cast jumping on Twitter and on other social media.  I loved this Big Brother 16 group and thanks to you all for making this a great Big Brother summer!

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