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TV Guide Polls Fans On Which Canceled Show They Would Bring Back - January 31, 2013

TV Guide has a poll up on their site that is really worth checking out.  Yet another one of those battle of the fandom kind of setups.  Which canceled show would you bring back?  Here are the choices: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chuck, CSI: Miami, Deadwood, Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Jericho, Leverage, Moonlight, My So-Called Life, Pushing Daisies, Ringer, Roswell, Terra Nova, Twin Peaks, V, Veronica Mars, and Wonderfalls. 

I know I have my five picks and all of them are among some of my favorite shows ever.  So I thought I would just have some fun and go over them.  These are in no particular order.  Keep in mind, this is just a poll and we're likely never seeing any of these shows coming back.  Just something fun they are doing.  Although you just never know with Firefly.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Without a doubt, I would bring this back.  Joss Whedon would have many more stories to tell.  In fact they are still being told in comic form as they are currently into season nine there.  Season seven wrapped up really nicely on TV.  Of course, the Buffy verse was able to continue on with Angel running one last season after Buffy finished.  That saw several characters jumping over to Angel making for a great season there.  Angel, of course, left us on a big cliffhanger but you can continue the story there in comic form as well. 

Chuck.  I just love this show.  Still do.  It was fun participating in the Chuckiversary Twitter view this past weekend.  Those writers, cast, and crew are so talented that there would be many more stories to tell.  The way that the show left off would leave plenty of ways for the show to go if they ever decided to bring it back in whatever form.  This would be a big pick of mine to continue on.  Just one of those shows that has everything and a great support of fans behind it.  So many amazing fan campaigns involving Subway and more.  These fans fought hard and I was right in there with them trying to help get word out to save the show.  Miss this show terribly. 

Veronica Mars.  That talk of a movie has just never went away.  And when you ask those involved with the show about a movie, so many have said that they would be in for it.  That annoying word of "funding" always comes into play next.  Veronica Mars still is a great show and I watch reruns of it often on TV.  This was the "show that could" with a big fan base that continued to fight for the show even across networks.  Kristen Bell was an absolute star on this show.  How many memorable lines did she have on that show?  Too many to count.  So many great story mysteries written that you just never knew where the show was going to go.  Every time you thought you had a mystery figured out, it went a completely different direction.  I always hold out hope that we'll see something Veronica Mars related in the future but you just never know.

Firefly.  Well, no kidding.  If there was ever a show that had way more stories to tell, it was this one.  The fandom of this show is still so huge ten years later and it was only around for half a season and one movie.  The cast is still very tight.  They all want to do more with the show.  This is Joss Whedon's baby.  I don't know where Joss would find time with all that he has on his plate now.  I still feel like we'll eventually see Firefly return in some form.  It is just too strong of a force among fans to just leave it alone.  All of us fans will just have to hold out hope for something in the future.

Roswell.  This was a favorite show of mine as well back in the day.  Yeah, that third season that we got of the show wasn't near as strong as the first two but I still loved this show.  The first season of the show was great with all the story twists and learning about the background of these characters and them trying to survive with drawing attention on themselves.  This was one of the shows that really put the spark into what save a show fan campaigns need to be as this show fought for survival every year.  This crossed networks too with going from the WB to UPN.  Roswell fans all remember the stress of that up front week when the WB dropped the show leaving all eyes on UPN on whether they were going to bring it over with Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Too much time has passed with this show but I put it in here out of complete loyalty. 

So, those are my five picks.  I enjoy these kind of fan polls just to see who gets picked and who is still fighting for their shows all these years later.  Want to check out the poll and vote for your favorites?  Here is the link.

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