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Chuck - One Year Later - January 26, 2013

It has been a year now since Chuck left us with its series finale.  It is still one of my favorite series finales ever.  I still am very happy with how the show wrapped up.  A year later, the fans of the show are still all banded together talking about the show they love and the cast and crew they love.  In fact, a plan has been made for what to do with this Chuckiversary.  A global viewing party which you can find out more about at this link.

I thought it would be fun to also post my thoughts and farewell to Chuck that I typed up a year ago so here is a flashback to last year.

Originally written on January 27, 2012.

Thank you Chuck. A little over five years ago, I got to watch a sneak preview of the pilot episode of Chuck. I loved it immediately. All these years later, I was sitting glued to tonight's series finale. This episode had everything that I've always loved about the show especially the last twenty minutes. We really went full circle with this finale. Sarah losing her memories thanks to the intersect. Chuck having to try and win her back. We really saw a lot of what Sarah was like at the beginning of the show where it was just a job for Sarah. No emotional connection. Yet, they would show us every so often tonight that maybe those memories and the person that she became was still in there. Not only were we seeing retro Sarah but we got a lot of retro Chuck too. Seeing a lot of what he was like in the beginning but yet seeing the person that he grew into. Lots of fun retro moments with the locations that they ended up at. They were able to prevail after saving Beckman from the bomb with a little help from Jeffster who saved the day. Ellie's plan for using the intersect glasses one more time had a change of plans. It could either be used for the intersect or for it to be a way to put memories back in Sarah's head to see if it would help her out. However, the bomb had to be stopped so Chuck had to take the intersect to make the save so he could stop the bomb. Sarah's suggestion on the virus to stop the bomb again gave us a clue that maybe those memories of hers were coming back. Linda Hamilton returning for the finale as Chuck's mom was great. When I saw the scene with Jeff and Lester saying that they were going to help and then cut to the orchestra, I was thinking this has to be a Jeffster farewell for us. It was awesome and I now have yet another 80's song that I will always associate to this show which is "Take On Me". LOL. And, that is a good thing for sure. So, what happened with everyone? Well, Casey had his farewell which included a hug for Chuck. I definitely teared up on that one cause that was a big moment after the rollercoaster ride those two have had for the full series. Casey was off to find his love from all indications with Gertrude. Morgan and Alex told Casey that they were moving in together. That was no surprise to Casey as he already figured it out. Jeffster were picked up by an international recording company. I guess Big Mike stays at the Buy More cause that is really all we saw there. However, we did see that Subway was coming in which was fitting. Subway has been a huge part of this show's history and were a big help. Awesome and Ellie were recruited for new jobs in Chicago. So, what about Chuck and Sarah? Well, we got left on a cliffhanger there of sorts. They met on the beach at the end which was a retro moment. Sarah knew it was a special place for them which shows that she still is getting some of her memories back. She asked Chuck to tell her their story which he did including a lot of clips thrown in. The series ended with Chuck mentioning Morgan's idea. A kiss would bring all her memories back. Sarah said to kiss her which he did. The kiss was how it ended. So, did it bring her memories back? Will he have to win her all over again? I guess we won't find that out but it was a great ending. I'm thankful that we got to have a farewell season as it was a lot of fun. This season had a little bit of everything and we got to see a lot of twists with the intersect. So, we say goodbye to Chuck after five seasons. One of the most fan friendly cast and crews I've ever seen. This show is so great to its fans whether it is online, Comic Con, Chuckfest, or whatever else. They care about their fans and go out of their way to interact with them. I wish more shows would look at this show and take notes of that. The fans have been a huge part of this show. Fan campaigns to keep it going. The Subway campaigns. Down to the wire on being renewed while the fans fight, fight, and fight to keep it going. All these years later of fighting, we got five great seasons. Tonight's finale did what the show has always done. It gave us every emotion. All of us Chuck fans loved this show. Loved these characters. Loved this cast. Loved this crew. To that, all of us Chuck fans say thank you to everyone involved in this great show. Thank you for the great ride over the last five years. We're going to miss this show badly. Thank You Chuck. Here is a video that fans put together and showed to the cast and crew at Chuckfest. Amazing tribute from fans all around the world!

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