Friday, July 13, 2012

Thoughts on Big Brother 14 Premiere & Spoiler on Nominations - July 13, 2012

My summer TV addiction is underway.  Big Brother 14 had its season premiere last night.  Just thought I would go over some quick thoughts and a little recap of the premiere.  Overall, I liked the premiere.  Definite potential with this cast.  We learned of the coaches twist that has been talked about with four returning houseguests.  To anyone that has been following this news online, the returning houseguests was not a surprise.  The 12 new houseguests entered and then learned that they would be coached this season.  Enter the surprises one by one.  Britney, Janelle, Boogie, and Dan.  Those are the coaches and each of them would get to pick three people.  It went in a school yard style pick.  After the picks were made, Britney's team consisted of Willie, JoJo, and Shane.  Dan's team is Danielle, Jodi, and Kara.  Janelle's team is Wil, Ashley, and Joe.  Boogie's team is Ian, Frank, and Jen.  The first HOH competition was held and the announcement was that the team that finished last would lose a houseguest.  First elimination on the first night.  Britney's team won the competition and Britney was given the right to name who on her team would be HOH.  That was given to Willie.  Dan's team finished last and he voted Jodi out.  Jodi eliminated before the game even really got going.  Wow, there is a twist.  Just some overall thoughts now on different people and different happenings.  My first thought when Britney picked Willie was OH NO!!!  LOL.  I didn't see that being a good pick especially with him already having a target on his back.  Many of the house were already seeing that he was a Hantz although Willie denied it when questioned by a couple of people about it.  Now, he is the first HOH which is going to put an even bigger target on him.  You never want to win the first HOH cause it gives you enemies right off the bat.  I actually thought that Ian and Dan would be a good pick to team up with Ian being a superfan.  Seemed like a good strategy pairing but Ian and Boogie is kind of interesting too.  It's still early to obviously figure out who has the better team.

Now, SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you do not want to know nominations, stop reading now.  The live feeds kicked on late last night after the show was broadcast on the west coast.  Willie has nominated Kara and Frank for eviction.  The veto competition is set to take place very soon as the houseguests are up and ready to go.  Really not optimistic about this pairing of Britney and Willie based on what I've seen so far on the feeds and on Big Brother After Dark last night.  They just can't seem to get on the same page at times.  Ashley has been hurting pretty bad after hurting her back.  She has been in rough shape.  Just waiting on the veto competition now. 

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