Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics Underway In London - July 30, 2012

The London 2012 Olympics are underway and I am loving it.  Just a few days in and there have already been many major stories on the U.S. side of things with the competition.  First off, the opening ceremonies were amazing.  Danny Boyle did a great job getting that done.  I just watched in awe thinking how do you even begin to put something as big as this together.  The big thing that had everyone talking was the scene with Daniel Craig and the Queen jumping from the plane.  The history set up was very well done showing the changes in the country over the many years.  The lighting of the cauldron was good.  It has met with some criticism from tourists wanting to see it but unable to due to it being lit in the middle of the stadium out of public view from outside.  The athletes marching in was said to be faster than most had ever seen.  That is such a great moment seeing the athletes so happy and proud to be there representing their country.  I also laugh at myself getting a geography lesson hearing of countries that I've never heard of before.  Well, probably since the last Olympics anyway.  LOL.  Awesome to see these athletes so excited for their big moment.  Paul McCartney closing it up with a building singing along with him was the perfect ending for an Olympic games in London.  I have been watching a ton of the coverage.  The U.S. women's basketball team got a very competitive game in their opener but pulled out by a wide margin in the 4th quarter of play.  May and Walsh are back at it with beach volleyball and it was a very stressful match to watch including an amazing match point.  The U.S. Women's gymnastics team had their qualifying last night and the big story was the outcome in the individual all around.  Qualifying for it was Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman.  That left reigning world champion, Jordyn Wieber on the outside looking in as the all around rules only allow two competitors from every country.  Women's all around team final will be tomorrow night.  The men's team final is going on right now which I am watching live streaming right now.  Don't worry, no spoilers here!  Speaking of spoilers, wow, it was impossible to avoid the news on Saturday of Michael Phelps not medaling in the swimming.  The news was everywhere including on NBC.  Avoiding spoilers for the Olympics should be an Olympic event cause it is tough!!  Phelps finished in fourth place while Ryan Lochte took the gold.  Phelps has medaled since and Lochte has another medal as the U.S. won silver in 4x100 freestyle relay.  It's a fun time to watch TV right now with the Olympics and it is all over the place to watch.  I find myself watching a lot of sports that are a lot of fun at Olympic level including badminton, table tennis, and fencing.  I just laugh at how I can't change the channel on some of these sports.  Can't take my eyes off of it.  LOL. 

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