Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smash, One Tree Hill, Jana Kramer's Album Release Date Set

Smash has been a hot topic of conversation among critics this week.  Does the show still have some growing to do?  Sure.  All shows do.  I enjoy and look forward to watching it every week.  Michael Ausiello brought up a good point in his column this week in the fact that this show was basically already done before they could get any major viewer feedback.  Now, they can take what they've learned and put it into season two.  They'll do it with another person in charge though which was something we all learned last week.  I like the show a lot.  There are some things that I could do without which includes the Ellis character.  I have yet to figure out what the purpose of that character is.  He is all the time evil scheming but I can't seem to find what the point of it is.  Now, this week's episode did have him speculate that maybe he was studying and learning about the business so he could do that producing kind of job.  I don't know.  There is a lot of stuff that happens with that character where I think why doesn't anybody get tired of this guy with stuff that he does?  I think most fans don't like the storylines where it drives away from the subject of the story which is the building of this Marilyn production.  Smash will be back for season two.  I'm wondering what they do for the rest of the season especially with the battle for the lead role in the musical.  One star seemingly going downhill and trying to stay where she is.  The other trying to pull herself up and do what she has to do to get there.  I'm a fan of the show and definitely like it.

So, is the craziness on One Tree Hill over?  That is what I'm wondering.  This has been an intense season with a lot of happenings including the passing of Dan Scott on last week's episode.  It did happen with what I thought with Dan making the save for Nathan.  Now, Dan was able to redeem himself for the bad he did in his life and got to spend his last moments with his family.  Good ending and a great episode.  Last night's episode definitely had a happy ending feel to it as we set up for next week's finale.  Brooke is living her dream right now.  We had a great proposal with Clay and Quinn.  Skillz paired up with Millie with the TV show.  Mouth getting pushed toward getting back into sports with a sports show.  Haley moving on after such a horrible few months and reflecting back to her past.  Chase looks to have something going for him as well with a business now in his future. 

While on the subject of One Tree Hill, an announcement has been made that Jana Kramer's debut album will be released on June 5th.  Looking extremely forward to checking that out.  I've loved everything she has released so far. 

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