Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lady Antebellum Picks Henryville High School

Lady Antebellum has picked Henryville, Indiana.  Recently, Lady Antebellum announced plans for a contest where they would play someone's high school prom in the spring for free.  They asked for fans to submit videos to tell why they should play at their school.  As many of you know, the southern Indiana and northern Kentucky area was recently hit hard by tornadoes.  This led to many across the country jumping in to help Henryville High School in Henryville, IN to get the concert.  One of their rival schools, Silver Creek High School, was also one that jumped in submitting a video asking for Lady Antebellum to pick Henryville.  Their video was actually the one that was selected as the winner.  The group has announced that they will be bringing a very special show to the community there in Henryville.  Unfortunately, they won't be able to make Henryville's prom date of April 27th due to scheduling conflicts.  However, they have promised something even bigger and better on May 16th in nearby Louisville, KY.  All the juniors and seniors will be invited to a special show and then there will be another show for the community after that.  More details will be announced by Lady Antebellum in the very near future.
Here is the announcement by Lady Antebellum.

Now, check out the winning video submitted by Silver Creek High School.  Great job everyone!  This should be a special, special night for a community that needs uplifting.

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