Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Of The Worst Moves Ever On Survivor?, Buffy Turns 15.

Everyone is talking about last week's Survivor and I have been to.  Just a little later than others.  I didn't get to watch live on Wednesday night and I immediately saw Twitter light up with comments about dumbest move ever and things like that.  I was thinking that I need to watch this episode soon wondering what in the world had happened?  One of the major discussions of the episode was the tribe immunity.  It was won by the men's tribe which meant that the women would be voting someone out.  After the immunity challenge happened, a firestorm broke out among the men.  Colton and Bill had problems going back to the previous episode where Colton targeted him on being voted out.  Leif told Bill the plan and that of course got back to Colton.  The men went to a rage over loyalty and how they had disloyalty in their camp that they needed to get rid of with them upset at Leif and at Bill.  The idea is suggested by Colton about how they should trade the women for immunity so they can vote out their problem right away.  No one seems to want to take a stand against this insanity (LOL) so they go to the women who of course agree.  You mean you want to give us immunity and we get to keep our tribe intact while your numbers get smaller?  Sure, knock yourself out.  We'll take immunity.  I can only imagine what they were thinking.  So, the men go into tribal council and get a more than stunned look from Jeff Probst.  Tribal council is a hot one especially with comments from Colton that probably created a lot of enemies for him within camp.  Bill gets voted out.  Now, they are down another member.  Ok, this was just insane.  I could not believe that they pulled this immunity trade deal.  When I first heard it suggested to trade the women for immunity, I thought surely not with this being all the rage of "worst move ever" talk.  I know they want to get rid of a player but you can't wait three more days and then vote them out if you lose then????  Now, you're down another number and momentum is a big thing in this game.  What if the women get on another roll and you start losing?  Some in that tribe have a solid alliance so far anyway.  That one person you voted out on this immunity trade could mean that you have to eliminate one of your solid alliance members before going into the merge cause of how the numbers fall in the coming weeks.  You just don't know what you're going to have to do.  You never give up immunity especially team immunity.  I just don't understand that gamble.  We'll have to wait and see what happens with it in the future.  Maybe it will work out for the men but I just don't understand their thinking.  In fact, I don't understand a lot of the thinking on this season so I'm really curious to see how the rest of it plays out. 

This week was a big anniversary for the Whedonverse.  15 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer debuted on The WB.  Has it really been 15 years?  Time flies and the show still has that strong following which is now in the comic book world as well with season nine now underway there.  I am admittedly behind on the comics which is disappointing.  Hoping to get caught up very soon.  Joss is of course very busy this year as well with The Avengers and now the upcoming release of Cabin In The Woods.  CraveOnline.com has an interview up where he teases the sequel to Dr. Horrible which I cannot wait for!!  Check out the interview here.

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