Friday, November 18, 2011

Regis Says Farewell On Live With Regis and Kelly - November 18, 2011

I haven't had as much time to do anything with the site lately but I had to speak about the big happening this morning on TV. Regis Philbin saying goodbye. It was announced a while back that Regis would finally move on from the show. Live With Regis and Kelly has been doing a great job for Regis's farewell over the last several months. This has included tributes, really fun highlight clips looking back at his career, and surprise guests. Today's show had an audience full of friends, family, and colleagues throughout Regis's career. I have to comment on the opening of the show cause it was absolutely perfect. Letting us in to see Regis's start to every day where he walks down the hall greeting people and finishes with knocking on Kelly's door to get her to start the show. Just perfect and so fitting for us to see his walk for the final show. We got to see that journey just as we've seen his journey for so many years. The great moments of his, the family moments, the moments with friends, and also the tough moments of his life too. I watched with tears in my eyes throughout the show as we all said goodbye to Regis. I grew up watching the show. When I started hearing the date of 1988 as when the show went national, I started thinking about how that was right around the time that I started watching. As a kid, I always loved watching Live With Regis and Kathie Lee. The show was so fun. It became a big time morning tradition of mine. We said farewell to Kathie Lee and Kelly Ripa was the perfect person to step into the role of the new co-host for Regis. She just won us all over immediately that first day that she co-hosted. We knew that she was the one to put beside Regis. Regis and Kelly are part of my morning routine. They are part of that normalcy and it was never more apparent around the time of the 9/11 attacks. That week was anything but normal for all us going through such a tough tragedy. When Regis and Kelly returned to TV, they brought back that normalcy and brought us smiles when we needed them. That goes to what Kelly said to Regis this morning. There are so many people out there going through tough times and Regis has provided so many smiles and laughs to them. It made me tear up because it is so true. He has been part of that comfort that is brought into our homes. I found it fitting that this morning I was laying in bed watching this farewell show just like any other morning. Always getting my mornings off to a great start smiling and laughing with Regis and Kelly. It was fitting that one of the great highlight packages this morning was set to the song "Smile". Thank you Regis for these amazing years that you have given to all of us viewers. There aren't even words enough to say thank you. This morning I posted on Twitter and just kind of laughed at the thought of trying to say thank you in under 140 characters. There is just no way possible. We just stand and applaud and tear up as you move on to the next step in your career. We're going to miss you deeply. Monday morning, we start a new chapter with Kelly Ripa. Tradition continues on with this show as Kelly and a soon to be named co-host will keep those smiles and laughs coming at me every weekday morning. I'm excited for Kelly and am looking forward to seeing what great things are ahead for her. We all love her a lot and she's going to get a ton of support from all of us fans. It was an incredible farewell and I want to say thank you to the show and all the people that work so hard behind the scenes to give Regis the great tribute that he so deserved. In finishing, what else can be said? Thank you Regis!!

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