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Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 12's Matt Hoffman - September 20, 2011

With this recent season of Big Brother coming to a conclusion, I thought it would be fun to see what one of last season's players had to say about how the game played out and to catch up with what he has been up to since the show's conclusion. Matt Hoffman appeared on last season's Big Brother 12 and is someone that has also played the game with Rachel and Brendon. Matt is definitely a straight shooter on his opinions of the game so I was very interested to hear his thoughts.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions! First of all, what have you been up to since leaving the Big Brother house last year and how has it been interacting with the fans of the show?

"Life's been pretty well back to normal. Still playing music. Still wrapped up in the horror movie scene. Still working my Mon-Fri 9-5 job that I've been at for almost 12 years now. Fans are by-and-large VERY nice. I actually would prefer a little less a**-kissing, since there's no way that I just so happen to be everyone's "favorite player" who they "wanted to win" that I run into. :-) "

With this season, the big twist was all about the duos. What were your thoughts on the twist when it was first announced and thoughts on it now that it is over? Did it make the season more interesting or less interesting for you?

"When it was first announced, my thoughts were that I wished Ragan and I were picked! But now that it's over, it's a season that I wouldn't have wanted to be on anyway. I wasn't a fan of level of "twisting" going on. Plus I'm happy that Rachel won. Plus I enjoyed the summer back with my wife!"

Rachel made such a huge comeback this season with winning the game after such a bad Big Brother 12 season. Her social game definitely seemed to be her downfall last season and almost started to look the same this season. She had a huge turnaround in the second half of the season. What are your thoughts on Rachel getting the win and what do you think was the turnaround for her?

"I'm super happy for Rachel, and it was well-deserved. I said early on that the only way for her to win this game is to get rid of Brendon. They are toxic together when they are in that house playing. Sure enough, as soon as he left (both times) her game kicked into high-gear and she wasn't so emotional."

To kind of go with that last question, how do you compare the Rachel of this season versus the Rachel of last season which you saw first hand in the house?

"This Rachel was more emotionally in-check. It took a few weeks (well...it took Brendon leaving), but she pulled herself together much better than she did in her last season."

What were your thoughts on Daniele's move to flip and go against the veterans and the timing of it?

"It was a great move in theory, but it was just poorly timed. She should've held out just a bit longer...probably until after the stupid "golden key" thing was over."

Shelly's game play was an obvious hot topic all season. I said that I thought her game play of playing both sides was going to be fine unless the two sides started talking and comparing her lies. How did you feel of how her game played out?

"I hated her game most of the season, but not because of the gameplay itself and more because of her attitude towards her gameplay. I didn't respect that she was so duplicitous in her own gameplay while at the same time being so sanctimonious in regards to everyone else's deception. I liked her a lot more towards the end when she started to own up to her lies in the Diary Room. It made it more fun, and I think that if she made it to the end and owned up to it all she would have won, but if she pulled the "good guy" card, it would've blown up in her face. Truthfully, I'm surprised how long she was able to play both sides before getting busted...this cast let her get away with so much. It seemed like no one was talking to anyone else in the house! But to her credit (and I can't say this for almost anyone else in the cast), at least she played!"

The big week of the season seemed to center around the double eviction week. Daniele on the block and evicted. Shelly's turn on Jeff and Jordan. Jeff voted out. Porsche wins HOH. Rachel and Jordan against the rest of the house. What were your overall thoughts on that week?

"I think the producers were probably more upset about that week than anyone, because they lost two of their most significant players. I don't think they ever expected it to play out that way, particularly because that "clown shoe" competition was totally in favor of Jeff to win. But it goes to prove that just because you have a clear advantage in a competition doesn't mean that you'll win in. There's the "heart" and the "luck" factors in any game."

Of the newbies this season, who was your favorite and why?

"This is a nearly impossible question to answer due to this being one of Big Brother's more lackluster casts, but I suppose I'd go with Shelly because she made an effort to actually play. Also, I respect that she voted strategically and not emotionally in the end. I liked Dominic too, and think that he got screwed a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing him take a second stab at the game."

Staying with that topic, who was your favorite veteran and why?

"Team Rachel, baby! She deserved it more than anyone, hands-down. I'm really surprised the end vote was so close."

There were some crazy game play moments this season. Did you have any certain moment that stuck out this season with you watching and thinking what in the world is going on here?

"Two words....Rachel. Bush."

What was the best game move this season?

"Shelly turning on Jeff and Jordan. They would've swept through the game if they were left in there any longer."

I always like to ask this of the people that have been in the house to give us fans a feeling of the pressure cooker that is that house and that game. Just what is it like to be in that house and playing the game with those cameras following you around 24/7?

"For me it was a dream come true. Players can b**** all they want about how horrible and stressful it is, but I'll take a rent-free all-expenses-paid summer vacation with the potential to win a half-million dollars over a 40-hour workweek in the humid midwest any day."

Having played the game, what kind of strategy does someone need to have to win Big Brother?

"Be adaptable. You cannot win the game without changing up your strategy (usually multiple times) throughout the game."

I know you've got a lot of fans out there. What is the best way that they can keep up with you and whatever happenings that you have going on?

"Following me on twitter is your best bet - @HeadOfHOFFhold - otherwise they can check my website at www.TheGremlinCave.com. Thanks!"

Thanks again to Matt for taking the time out to answer these Wrap Up questions! Be sure to check out Matt on his website and on Twitter. Have a great day everyone. Take care and God bless!!

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