Friday, September 16, 2011

The Five Step Program In Big Brother Withdrawal - September 16, 2011

So, you've been glued to TV and the live feeds for over two months and now suddenly the show is over. What do you do? Welcome to Big Brother withdrawal. LOL! You're used to having the feeds and hearing the people and the happenings of the house and then suddenly it's over. Having been a ten year veteran of Big Brother withdrawal, I thought it would be a funny article to type up. Here is a five step process to help with your Big Brother withdrawal.

Step One: Post show interviews and happenings. There is plenty of stuff to read, listen to, and watch of the houseguests. We all want to learn what happens once they get back into the real world, what they have heard about the show, and their reactions to things. Super Pass has really stepped up and given a lot of good post show stuff this year including the back yard live interviews after the finale. Then, there was the Big Brother wrap party last night which had Kevin of BB11 and James of BB6 & BB7 doing interviews. They'll have more things planned. Many entertainment sites will be conducting interviews so there will be plenty of options for the next week.

Step Two: Flashbacks. If you're a live feeder, you probably know what flashbacks are. One of the best tools for the live feeds is the flashback feature. If something happened over night and you were sleeping like most people, you can go back and punch in a time and date and you're watching it as it happened. Maybe there are some things in the season that you missed that you'd like to check out. There are a lot of funny moments including the super hero thing, the funny date with Porsche and Adam playing characters on a date, the drama in the house, or whatever else that you're interested in. Google Big Brother 13 flashbacks and see what dates and times that fans have been so nice to post for people to view if they missed something. It can be a lot of fun.

Step Three: You Tube. Fans are very creative with their video editing skills. There is a lot of great video tribute stuff out there. Find some on your favorite houseguests. Lots of video editing talent out there and these are fun to watch especially if they are really well done and to the right song.

Step Four: The Fall Season. It's the fall season and new TV shows are debuting along with other shows returning. Get back into watching some other shows. For me, it was a perfect night on Wednesday night as Survivor premiered the same night as Big Brother ended. Now, I actually didn't get to watch Survivor until the night after due to there being so much Big Brother stuff to watch. Look around and see if there are some good shows coming up that you may want to check out. If you aren't interested in anything on TV, go to the DVD's and see if there is a show that you want to check out or maybe a show you might even like to watch again.
Step Five: More Check-ins. As time goes along, there are going to be more interviews with the houseguests available. Super Pass always does a great job in getting some new content up for fans to check out including Big Brother interviews. They already have several guests lined up for live interviews in the weeks to come. So, you'll be able to catch up with your favorites. Last year, they had several of the cast with their own shows interacting with fans.

As you can see, there are plenty of options of ways to help you with your Big Brother withdrawal. Hope this five step process can help you be on your way in your post Big Brother world. LOL!! Wishing all of you a great day! Take care and God bless!!

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