Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Cast Has Been Announced (Well, part of them) - June 30, 2011

Big Brother fans! It's almost July and you know what that means, it's time for the summer TV obsession to begin. Not just TV obviously cause of the live feeds and that is a whole different level of obsession there. Speaking from experience as a long time feed watcher. LOL. There is a lot of rumors abuzz on what is to come this season. The theme for this year's show is "double trouble". Today, eight cast members were announced which are brand new people. However, the talk turned quickly to the tease of that "three of the most dynamic duos would be back to play the game". Very interesting. CBS put up some teases of duos over the years with some being met with cheers and others ready to go on a rant. Who knows if any of the duos posted will be reality for cast members or if they are just teasing us? CBS put these duos up as a poll asking who we'd like to see return to the house. Will and Boogie, Rachel and Brendon, Jessie and Natalie, Hayden and Enzo, Dick and Daniele, and Jeff and Jordan. Some interesting names and all of them are going to get a reaction. Some more than others obviously. Just thought I'd give my thoughts on each one of them for fun.

Will and Boogie - One could only hope. I would absolutely love to have Chilltown back in the Big Brother house.
Rachel and Brendon - Of all the choices, this is the one that I really think the producers will go with. The producers loved Rachel last year and if there is any sure bet of who could go back in, this would be my guess.
Jessie and Natalie - Those producers love Jessie. They bring him back every year and it always gets a reaction from BB fans. It got a reaction from Britney last year. Ok, not a good one but a reaction.
Hayden and Enzo - This is a borderline one for me. I could see this one either way. Producers seemed to like Enzo and he was funny TV last year. Hayden was a previous winner so could they do doing back to back summers in the BB house?
Dick and Daniele - Ok, this is one that I just don't know about. Daniele recently has started hosting a show on the BB live feeds with Ragan. Of all the duos, this is the one that puts up a flag to me on probably not happening unless the plan is to throw us all for a loop. Talk about a reaction of those two ended up in the house from fans.
Jeff and Jordan - Not sure about this one either. They were very loved on their season and I liked them too. Would they want to do another season or not?

If we're getting three duos this summer, this list has potential to make the Big Brother house an interesting one. This will likely force the new houseguests to start aligning early to even up the house. Could be yet another number split right down the house. Speaking of the new houseguests, let's go with what we do know. The new cast members are.
Kalia Booker, 30 years old, writer from Los Angeles, CA.
Cassi Colvin, 26, model from Nashville, TN
Dominic Briones, 25, college student from San Mateo, CA
Shelly Moore, 41, outdoors industry executive from Prairieville, LA
Lawon Exum, 39, legal file clerk from Inglewood, CA
Porsche Briggs, 23, cocktail waitress from Miami Beach, FL
Keith Henderson, 32, human resources manager from Bolingbrook, IL
Adam Poch, 39, music inventory manager from Hoboken, NJ

We're one week away from Big Brother 13 and there is no shortage of rumors and talking going on with Big Brother fans. Who is still tweeting? Who has disappeared? Who is returning?

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