Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving at One Tree Hill, Robin Sparkles Returns To How I Met Your Mother - November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving at One Tree Hill had a little bit of everything. Returns, fighting, drama, reunions, sports, choices, a major clothesline, and more. The Scott house became the place to be when others had their plans go wrong. Quinn made her return and reunited with Clay. When she started posting the pictures from her vacation in the room, my first thought was "what is on those pictures?" Yeah, she is on a mission of getting even with the person that almost ended her and Clay's life. Alex and Mia. This was fun. You just knew this had to build up into something. Add in a football game and you get some physicality added to their issues. A major clothesline from Alex followed by a big slap from Mia capped it off. Julian had the answer that the girls were looking for and that was who he picked between the two. His decision caught them off guard when they watched the video of his interview. He chose neither of them because they had both hurt him and said he needed to be on his own. Victoria returns....and makes Brooke's Thanksgiving miserable. To make things worse for Brooke, her future mother in law was doing all she could to be nice to Victoria. Mouth and Millie appear to be on their way to getting back together. It was a really entertaining episode that was directed by Bethany Joy Galeotti. It's nice to see the show doing more holiday themed episodes this year with this and the Halloween episode.

It's Robin Sparkles 3, ya'll. That quote is courtesy of Barney in the beginning of this week's How I Met Your Mother. Yes, round three of the Robin Sparkles story which involved Robin being part of a kids space program about teaching them math. Yeah, the whole presentation of the program was way too much for the gang to take as they watched it. It also brought up a problem between Robin and Lily. Robin had been bombarded with baby talk from Lily. We found out that Robin was having trouble in this scenario because her best friend on the kids program, Jessica Glitter, had dumped her in the past. The reason was that Jessica knew she'd have no time for Robin anymore and that things would be different. This hurt Robin and Jessica but it tied over to Lily. The Robin Sparkles show was a fun backdrop to this Robin and Lily story. I wonder what they'll come up with for Robin Sparkles 4? I'm sure it will be great.

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