Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leslie Nielsen, Jennifer Grey Takes DWTS, Chuck, Eliza Dushku Gets A New Role - November 30, 2010

3113, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Sunday November 28 2010. FILE PICTURE DATED 1992 of actor Leslie Nielsen, who has died from pneumonia at the age of 84. The dead-pan comic who starred in comedy classics such as Airplne and The Naked Gun , passed away in a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his family at his side.  Actor Leslie Nielsen at his home in LA. Photograph:  Paul Harris, PacificCoastNews.com
The sad news of this early week was the passing of Leslie Nielsen. Just such a sad thing to hear. He made so many people laugh including myself. My introduction to Nielsen was through the Naked Gun movies. They were so funny and he just a great delivery on his comedy. You could tell that he just loved his job so much with making people laugh. Nielsen passed away due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 84.

Congratulations to Jennifer Grey on winning this season's Dancing With The Stars. When I heard the announcement of the cast for this season, I was immediately pulling for her. All I could think was what a great comeback story that it would be for her. She was strong throughout the competition and was battling an injury in the final week.

I'm really enjoying this season's Chuck. The addition of Chuck's mom has been really fun. The more fun is trying to figure out whose side she is on. The writers are doing a great job of blurring the lines with that character where you just can't figure her out. Really fun season so far and there is so much left to go. Summer Glau was awesome in her guest starring role as she had to battle with Jeffster. The Firefly fan in me loved seeing Summer and Adam Baldwin together in scenes again.

Since I'm talking Whedonverse stuff, Deadline has reported that Eliza Dushku is set to get a pilot on TNT called Bird Dog. Great to see her getting signed on with another show already. You can learn more about it at this link: http://www.deadline.com/2010/11/eliza-dushku-to-star-in-tnt-pilot-bird-dog-d-b-sweeney-to-lead-tbs-pilot-brain-trust/

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