Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Coco Running Live Camera For 24 Hours, Chuck Gets Renewed, Storm Chasers - October 20, 2010

Team Coco is running a live camera online for 24 hours. The camera started up at noon central time on Wednesday afternoon. This is of course the Conan O'Brien team and a very fun way to continue the promotion of the new show set to premiere on TBS. They have the camera set up in the stairwell of the building of their headquarters. Random stuff just keeps going on around it. You'll see people going up and down the stairs of course with some playing to the camera and some not. However, this afternoon saw an appearance by a dancing taco. Later, there was a Taco Bell restaurant costume that came through. Hello product placement. Two people showed up playing ping pong at one point and there have been acting scenes played out. If you're a Yankees fan, you could get updates on the game as you watched the webcam as a woman kept coming to the camera with a note that had the score on it. We have seen a quick appearance by George Lopez and Dog The Bounty Hunter as they snuck down the stairs stealing some stuff. LOL. Conan and Andy made an appearance as well disrupting a poetry reading. It really is fun to watch cause it is like a feeling of watching an improv show with not knowing what is coming next. The live cam will be going for over 12 more hours as I type this. Check it out at:

Hey Chuck fans. Great news as NBC has picked up the show for the full season. The show has been excellent this season!!

Tonight's Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel showed that horrible other side of storm chasing. The tragedy side of it. Yazoo City, MS was hit by a massive tornado and the TVN crew was right in the mix of it. After the radar went down, the tornado got away from them and crossed paths in front of them. That left them driving right into the damage path. It was awful and they turned from chasers into helping with the effort to help people. It really showed the dangers of what was going on with houses destroyed and them having to dodge power lines to even get to people. Just a dangerous and horrible situation. They were able to help one guy who suffered from a spinal cord injury. I hope that maybe they have some sort of way on updating us on that guy's condition cause I'd really like to know how he is doing with months having passed since then. The other chasers were watching the radar and Reed's website to see what was occurring in Mississippi as they were chasing up in Illinois and Missouri. Kudos to the TVN crew for helping with the horrible tragedy. It was a scary and horrible situation and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.

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