Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween At One Tree Hill, Survivor Eliminates Two, Regis and Kelly Halloween Special - October 22, 2010

This week's One Tree Hill was a Halloween themed episode. One thing that One Tree Hill doesn't do is a lot of holiday themed shows like this so this was fun to see. The show opened with a big time horror nightmare sequence of Quinn's. When I was watching this scene, I was thinking that the cast probably had a really fun time making it. It was something different from anything else I've seen on the show. Quinn and Clay continue to try and move on from the shooting including Quinn still having fear going on from it. Nathan continuing to move on from basketball and enjoying a fun night out with Jamie trick or treating with his friends. That was a fun little story for the show and the Harry Potter costumes were well done. I had one thing that popped into my head while watching Jamie and Chuck's interaction and flashing back with the passing of Barbara Billingsley this week. They remind me of Beaver and Larry on Leave It To Beaver. Larry was always coming up with stuff and daring Beaver on things which would get him into trouble. Chuck is a definite modern day version of that character cause you just know nothing good is going to result from Chuck's plans. LOL. It is fun when things get turned around on Chuck. Brooke met Jullian's mom and the two started to hit it off after a rocky meeting. I can already see that this relationship is not going to go well with Brooke having to fight for control. It looks like Haley has met her help line caller who was the talented singer at the club. Don't forget the fun that was seeing the high five of Jullian's. Really enjoyed the episode a lot.

This week's Survivor had two castaways going home. One was Kelly B which was disappointing to me. She was probably my favorite so far this season. She seems to be one of the few nice ones this season. LOL. Strong competitor too. Kelly was a target of Naonka's from early on in the game. Why? Nobody still has yet to figure it out. This plan was moved about by Brenda to get two things accomplished. Set up a tie vote and make Marty nervous. Get him to use the idol and get it flushed out. Then, vote Kelly out. Well, she was one of two with her plan. Kelly did go home after the revote on the tie. Marty did not use the idol. We definitely are setting up for a showdown between Marty and Brenda. I've been watching Brenda over the last few weeks a little closer and she is going to be, and already is, a force in this game. I think the others are starting to see that as well. If they don't, Marty is about to make sure that they do. In the other tribe, Yve was sent home. It came down as a deal to either vote out Dan who isn't doing as well at challenges and struggling physically or vote out Yve who they felt was a big threat in the game. The threat was voted out.

Next week is the big annual Live With Regis and Kelly Halloween show. They are promoting it as "Reality Bites Again. Chomped From The Headlines". Over 30 different costumes. This show is always great every year. Tune in next Friday, October 29 and check your local listings for air times.

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