Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Brother Recap - What Is Going On In That House??!! - July 28, 2010

What is with this season of Big Brother????!!! Have some of these people seen the show before? I have to comment on tonight's episode because I laughed all the way through it. Matt made the bizarre move earlier in the week of putting Andrew and Kathy up on the block. He did this instead of going after the ones that have been targeting him and that is Rachel and Brendon. The Brigade was stunned over the nominations and I tried looking past Matt's nominations based on his diary room stuff where he just didn't seem to care. Suddenly, he talks to the Brigade and sees that he HAS to get either Rachel or Brendon out this week. The veto competition is set to take place. The players picked besides the nominated people and the HOH were Lane and then....Rachel and Brendon. Both get to compete. So, Matt needs either himself, Lane, or the nominees to win to have a chance of a veto being played. The ones that he needs to win go down quickly including himself. The final three is Rachel, Brendon, and Andrew. Brendon wins the veto. LOL!!! I have yet to pick anybody to cheer for this season but I was cheering for Brendon to win the veto just to see Matt's "plan" blow up in his face. So, the Brigade is furious that neither Rachel or Brendon isn't going home this week. Matt keeps saying how he can't believe how this happened. I can!! You didn't put either one of them on the block!!! LOL. Has Matt even seen this show before? If you put one of them on the block, one of them is guaranteed to go home. It might not be Brendon like you want but you're going to break up the pair. LOL. Then, we get the veto ceremony and we had just seen an alliance made between Brendon and Andrew. Andrew's plan was to make a big speech at the veto ceremony where he told Brendon to use the veto on him but that he was going to target Rachel and Brendon next week. Even he looked uncomfortable with this speech as it was a plan to throw others off the track. Instead it just came across really confusing. The capper of the episode was Britney's diary room where she commented on what had just happened. I laughed big time at her. Such a bizarre episode tonight but it was so great. I don't know what Matt is thinking. I would have looked past it if Matt had stuck to his whole thing of that he is playing his own game and has a plan. However, he changed his tone of his DR stuff in the same episode with pleas of that he had to break up Brendon and Rachel. That made me not able to look past it and made him look worse. So, Kathy or Andrew will go home tomorrow night.

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