Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Various TV Notes - Idol/Bret, Chuck, & More - June 1, 2010

America's Got Talent returns tonight on NBC. The season premiere airs at 7pm central time on NBC.

All the Idol/Simon talk has turned to whether Bret Michaels might replace Simon Cowell. Michaels said at a concert last week that he was in talks to possibly be the replacement judge. I would be fine with that move if it does indeed end up happening. Bret's health is obviously the most important thing so I'd want him to make sure he was up to it. I think he would do a great job as a judge. I still say though that American Idol is going to be hurting next year without Simon. It will not be the same show and that show really needs to make sure to get some amazing talent in there to draw viewers. I see a lot of people tuning out just because of Simon being gone.

I spent some of the weekend catching up on Chuck. I've gotten a few episodes behind and am working my way to finishing up the season. Really strong episodes. Chuck and Sarah are probably my favorite TV couple with Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory right behind them. The twist with Shaw finding out that Sarah killed his wife was a good storyline and how it played out. The stuff with Morgan joining up with Chuck, Sarah, and Casey has been golden. Great TV!! I laughed all through the stuff with Casey training Morgan at the Buy More. Speaking of Morgan and the Buy More, Anna coming back and not even being able to get Morgan's attention was great. I loved the turn of the character where she sees just how good he is doing without her. Chuck and Sarah against the tiger was great stuff too. Lots of laughs at that. I loved the guest appearance of Christopher Lloyd in one episode. I'm thrilled that Chuck and Sarah are together again and we now have the big pay off. Now, I obviously don't know if that is going to be ripped away from me by the time the season is over but I'll find out soon. I already see that Ellie being played to get to her dad is not going to lead to good things. I'm excited to see how the rest of the season plays out but these last four or five episodes that I've watched have been a lot of fun.

TV on DVD releases for today. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Volume Seven), Burn Notice (Season Three), Charlie Brown and Peanuts Specials (70's - Volume Two), Mister Ed (Season Three), Rescue Me (Season Five).

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