Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carrie Underwood Fans Take Over The Opry During CMA Week - June 9, 2010

It was a busy day in Nashville for Carrie Underwood fans on Tuesday. Fans rolled in from all over the world to see Carrie. The Grand Ole Opry was set to be the host for the event but the party and Opry show for the night was moved over to the Municipal Auditorium due to the recent flooding. I attended the Fan Club party and it was a lot of fun!! Carrie opened the show with "Twisted" and went through a lot of her newer stuff while mixing in some of her classics. She performed for around an hour. Then, it was into a Fan Q&A with Nan Kelley of GAC helping out with it. I really enjoyed this and Carrie had a lot of great stories to tell. Next up was a "finish the lyrics" contest with fans competing for prizes. Carrie would sing a lyric and then fans would have to hit the bell first to get a shot at finishing her lyric. Lots of laughs especially with fans anticipating when she would stop. Fans would ring the bell and she would keep going saying "I'm still singing". It was hilarious. Congrats to everyone that got up there and sang in it. I then attended my first Opry show which included Carrie Underwood as well. Only the second Opry show to ever take place in the Municipal Auditorium. The first was in 1975 during the flood at that time. I was excited to take in the Opry experience and it didn't disappoint. The mood is so laid back in there with the Opry people wanting your experience to be as great as possible. You're allowed to walk down to the stage and take a pic of your favorite singers. The radio broadcast was going of course and I have listened to it on occasion online. The show had performances by long time Opry members, Bill Anderson and Jimmy Dickens. I really enjoyed both of them and the crowd just loved Jimmy. He told a lot of funny stories and had a great line of announcing that he'd next be performing a song off of his "latest album that was released in 1965". I loved that line. The Band Perry played on this night as well and they were new to me. I really like their sound and they had a lot of fans getting behind them. Mandy Barnett was another performer on this show and has a strong voice. Josh Turner had the place rocking on his performance. The ladies love that guy. LOL. Really fun performance from him and he sent us strong into intermission. A big crowd favorite was Trisha Yearwood who sang a few songs in front of a very loving crowd. Carrie Underwood closed out the show and walked out voice blazing with Cowboy Casanova. The sound was cranked up and it sounded incredible in there. Two shows in a row for me of Carrie's on this day and I had chills running all through me during both of them. Just an incredible voice!! I really think that girl could sing the phone book and I would listen to it and love it. LOL. Carrie sang some of the same songs from the party but also included some different ones including "All American Girl" and closing with "Before He Cheats". Carrie got a standing ovation from the Opry crowd after putting a combo together of "Jesus Take The Wheel" and "How Great Thou Art". Talk about a chilling performance. Her voice just blasted through "How Great Thou Art" and it is the best version of it that I've heard by far. Wow was all that I could say both times that I heard this during the day of concerts. With those songs and also "Temporary Home", there was a lot of hand raising praise the Lord moments! Lots of the artists mentioned the flooding in Nashville and how appreciative that they were of the fans still coming into town for CMA Fest week. I want to say thank you to Nashville as well. You guys got hit with a bad tragedy and the strength that you've shown during it has been very inspiring. I was happy to come into Nashville and see that it was business as usual. Everyone is picking up and moving on as best as they possibly can. Keep fighting Nashville. My prayers are with all of you!! One thing is for sure and that is that I'll be making a return to the Opry sometime in the future. I loved my experience there. If you're a music fan, you really need to go and attend the Opry. If you're a Carrie fan like myself, Tuesday was the day to be there for sure with a full day of events.

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