Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Premiere Thoughts - February 12, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains premiered last night. This is going to be a LOT of fun. I love all star editions of shows and this season is a great example. You have your favorites and the ones you like to cheer against. This was a fun premiere and is going to be a tough competition. When you have a reward challenge right off the bat and you have injuries already, that is a sign of things to come. The first challenge had the tribes in a physical battle with having to grab a bag and carry it across the finish line. The others would try to stop you by any means necessary. First ones out there were Stephenie and Cirie taking on Parvati and Danielle. Stephenie ends up separating her shoulder and gets it put back in place by the medical team after that. Colby got beat by Coach which was news to many and damaged his reputation a bit to them. Want to know why Sandra is a villain? Well, she showed it in her challenge. It was her and Courtney against Sugar and Candice. Sandra's strategy was to grab Sugar's top and just hold on. Finally, Sugar just let Sandra have it and took off with the bag. She runs across the finish line topless and then gave Sandra a number two when she won. I knew this next one was going to be a rough one with Boston Rob and Tyson taking on James and Rupert. I would not want to go up against James in any kind of physical challenge, especially that one!! This was a physical one which had James getting the win but Rupert was the second injury as he broke one of his toes. This gives the win overall to the Heroes and they get flint as a reward to start a fire. Rupert struggles to get the fire going and a team effort gets it rolling. He is getting concerned with his struggles early on. On the other tribe, a little romance between Coach and Jerri appears to be starting. In the Heroes camp, not so much. Sugar was following Colby around and he kept trying to get away from her as they tried to sleep. She was bugging several as they tried to sleep which put a target on her. The talk turns to individuals who had alliances with others in previous shows. Targets turn to Tom and Stephenie and to Amanda and Cirie. The immunity challenge saw the Heroes getting off to a big lead but then it evaporated. They struggled with the puzzle which put more of a target on Sugar. The Villains end up winning fairly easily. Who would go home from the Heroes tribe? Well, there was a lot of talking of who to target. Colby pushed for Sugar. Cirie went right for Amanda which I thought was bold as was the talk of getting rid of Stephenie. I get the strategic game play but you need to keep some strong ones around too. Tribal council sees Sugar get voted out overwhelmingly. I was bummed for that cause I loved Sugar on her original season. She is up against some tough people though on that Heroes tribe.

Other thoughts on the Survivor premiere. I really liked this premiere. Russell is a little more humble this time around but trying a lot of his same strategy from last season. He's already working several of the girls including Danielle and Parvati. He does know that he is in for a battle here looking at all of his competition. Definitely more of a humble Russell like I said. When Stephenie went down, I just thought, oh, she can't go down like that. I liked her a lot in previous seasons and I thought one of the more heart pulling moments of previous seasons was when she was the only member left on her tribe and spent the night alone. Cirie is really tough to read sometimes especially after the last season where her and the girls alliance just ripped the guys to shreds. She is already showing signs of that same cutthroat style of game in this season. I've said this already but that first reward challenge really set the tone quickly with how competitive this season is going to be. One thing that had me kind of puzzled during the episode was that some seemed to know info on Russell and his game play from last season. This confused me and made me second guess because I knew this season was likely taped before the previous season aired. Well, Sugar did an interview today where she said that some people knew more about Russell than others based on who their friends were. So, that answers my question on that. The previews for next week show Boston Rob collapsing which looked really scary!!

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