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Lost Premiere Thoughts, Smallville - Absolute Justice, & More - February 5, 2010

The season premiere of Lost was this past Tuesday and I LOVED it. We have so many more questions about what is going on than when we started. I love the two realities that we have going on. One being that the crash never happened and we see the flight land in Los Angeles. The other with them all still on the island but back in present day. If they had went with just one direction, I’d be thinking what if the other situation happened? Now, we get both. I just don’t know how it will come together. The thing I noticed with watching the premiere is that we aren’t going to get a happy ending. Just because someone made it to LAX and went on with their lives doesn’t mean that their life is going to be better. With some, they were doomed either way. Case and point Charlie. Well, sort of. Charlie was looking to kill himself in the bathroom of the plane but Jack ended up saving him. So, he is on a suicide mission it appears including him not exactly thanking Jack for saving his life. On the island, he didn’t make it either. The line from Charlie that I really liked was him telling Jack that he was supposed to die going back to the whole Desmond thing on the island. I loved a lot of the stuff on the plane including Locke and Boone’s discussion. Kate was wrecking havoc trying to get away and did with a pregnant Claire in the cab leaving the airport. Kate had a gun pointed at the cab driver. I also liked the conversation with Jack and Locke at the airport. They definitely gave that tease also of that Sawyer was going to con a very happy go lucky Hurley. How powerful was that scene of them all leaving the plane at LAX? Seeing these, now, strangers all going their separate ways with the powerful music playing in the background.. Amazing scene. Back on the island, Sawyer was ready to kill Jack and could he have had more of an intense face? WOW. With the thinking that the plan of Jack’s didn’t work, Juliet was buried underneath and they realized they were in present day. Juliet was found alive and Sawyer got down to her. Only for her to pass away in his arms. She had something that she was going to tell him after she revealed that she blew up the bomb from down there. He never got it until Miles used his ability of talking to the dead. She wanted to tell him “it worked”. So, what does that mean??!! Then, they get captured by this group at the temple. Sayed is put in the healing water and ends up not making it. Yet, he comes back to life. The group around Locke finds out that it isn’t Locke inside of that body. In fact, he is the smoke monster as well. Wow, there is just all sorts of evil getting ready to be unleashed there. Such a good premiere. Even the recap episode that preceded it was great. I actually rewatched season five last week to make sure I remembered everything before this season started. It was amazing to me of some of the things that I had forgotten about.

The producers of Lost did appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live the night of the premiere. Really funny moment when Jimmy was asking them questions about possibilities of the show’s future. Well, funny for me but I’d be furious if I was the ones in the studio audience. Remember that Kimmel is live. Lost had not aired on the west coast yet. So, they are answering questions and then reveal that not-Locke Locke (LOL) is the smoke monster. You could hear the audience gasp and I just laughed thinking, oh no, they haven’t seen it yet. There was a major spoiler revealed to the fans there in attendance. They did reveal the date of the series finale which will be Sunday, May 23.

Tonight was the big Smallville “Absolute Justice” two hour movie on The CW. Really fun two hours of TV. The story of the Justice Society of America was brought into the Smallville world. Members of the group were beginning to be murdered and Clark and the new group got involved. I really liked the comparison of the two groups and how each influenced the other. They did a really good job of setting up the back story of it with showing what happened to the JSA. How about the return of John Jones? Loved that and he gets his powers back. A sacrifice was given by the JSA to get that to happen. I really liked how the talk turned to making Chloe’s central command station needing to turn more into a comfortable home base and that they need to become a family like the JSA was. How does Tess tie into this all? Well, that is a character that just can’t be read. We know that we have an apocalypse coming and that was the goal to get the JSA back in order along with Clark and the gang. Great two hours of TV and it was worth every bit of the hype.

Audition episodes of American Idol are over. Tuesday took us to Denver for more auditions. Victoria Beckham returned as a guest judge. One thing that is clear about this season is that the sixteen year olds are making noise. There have been so many talented sixteen year olds thus far. Kimberly Kerbow was one that I liked. She was the one that had the five year old daughter who had drawings of all the judges. Great moment when Kimberly sang the line “rogaine” right at Simon. I liked Tori Kelly quite a bit and she was another sixteen year old who sang “gravity”. Nicci Nix was someone that I liked as well. She traveled from Italy for the audition. Small speaking voice but a very different singing voice. I read today about her and this is definitely not her first TV as she has been on a lot of shows. Wednesday’s episode was a best of the rest type episode with us seeing previous audition footage. Not many really jumped out at me in this episode. Next week is Hollywood week so now we’re going to see what everyone is made of. There will be tons of drama and also the debut of Ellen.

What is the show that will get the coveted post Super Bowl time slot? Undercover Boss. I can honestly say that I've never heard of it. Definitely an unusual pick by CBS and I would have liked to have seen The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother get the time slot. It might have made the audience for those shows even biggger. With Survivor premiering this week, why not give it the time slot? Two previous seasons of Survivor premiered after the Super Bowl with Australia and then another All Stars edition. I still remember All Stars premiering after the Super Bowl back in 2004. I just wanted the game to hurry up and end where I could watch Survivor All Stars.

Speaking of the Survivor premiere, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains premieres on Thursday night. Last night was a special that looked back over the last ten years of Survivor including catching up with previous cast members.

The season finale of Heroes is this Monday night on NBC. The show has been so much better this season. Last season was almost tough to watch at times cause it was so confusing and just really wasn't fun. This season has been the best season since season one in my opinion.

Really funny episode of How I Met Your Mother covering Barney’s attempt at the “perfect week”. It being treated like a sporting event was funny. Lily had the jinx in effect. LOL. The show really has been great this year with having a main storyline and then having lots of funny smaller ones going on with the other characters in the episode.

Since when does MTV air Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I'm not complaining obviously but it just seemed bizarre to be flipping through channels during the morning and see Buffy on MTV. I'm glad to see the show airing again on a network.

The series finale for Ugly Betty is set for April 14.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Avatar - $31.2 million. 2. Edge of Darkness - $17.2 million. 3. When In Rome - $12.3 million. 4. Tooth Fairy - $9.9 million. 5. The Book of Eli - $8.9 million. 6. Legion - $7.1 million. 7. The Lovely Bones - $4.7 million. 8. Sherlock Holmes - $4.5 million. 9. Alvin and the Chipmunks - $3.9 million. 10. It's Complicated - $3.8 million.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, February 9. Army Wives (Season Three), Gary Unmarried (Season One), JAG (Final Season), The Patty Duke Show (Season Two), Vega$ (Season One - Volume Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Lost.
“You should have let that happen, man. I was supposed to die”. Charlie to Jack after Jack saved his life on board the Oceanic 815 in route to LAX.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Candace Cameron-Bure gives her theory on the end of Lost. @candacecbure "#Lost was AMAZING as usual. I love this show. It can't end. It just can't! My theory: just read Revelation & we'll know the ending!"

You Tube Video Of The Week: Previously On Lost. This is really funny.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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