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My Favorite Movies Of The Decade - December 17, 2009

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I covered my favorite shows of the decade last week so I'll move over into favorite movies of the decade this week. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. When I was making this list, I definitely realized just how many of my favorite movies of all time do not reside in this decade. They are mostly in the 80's and 90's.

Spiderman. Loved it. Saw this opening weekend with friends at the theatre. Great story, great cast. Loved it all around. We had a great time watching it. This movie really started the trend of how much money could be made from a comic book series when you do it right. Others followed the trend afterwards.

50 First Dates. I saw this on DVD a couple of years ago and liked it immediately. It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The idea of the story is that Drew's character was in an accident so she wakes up every morning basically reliving the same day over and over due to her condition. Her family and friends help to make sure that her day goes smooth all the time. Adam's character falls in love with her and eventually learns of her condition while working to help with how he can. I loved this movie a lot. I actually saw this on TV a couple of weeks ago and watched it for a little while again.

Transformers. Yeah, no brainer here. That was my cartoon growing up and I never have grown out of that love for Transformers from my childhood. When I heard that they were doing a live action movie, I was of course going to see it. My first instinct and fear was, oh no, they're going to mess it up. I went into the theatre on opening weekend very nervous but left pleased. Yeah, I thought that the language and crude stuff was unnecessary especially when they are gearing it toward kids. I thought the story was good and being a fan of the original series, I was satisfied with it. I also liked the sequel as well but had the same issues with it as well and thought it pushed the envelope more than the first one. The story was good in it too even though it opened up a lot of new stuff story wise as far as the history of the Transformers. Lots of action and all in these movies.

The Dark Knight. Definitely the best of the Batman movies. I liked Batman Begins a lot and this sequel topped that one. Heath Ledger takes the Joker character to a whole different level here. Incredible performance. Just a great battle between Batman and Joker where you have Batman trying to protect lives and trying to bargain and battle with a guy that just does not care about anything or anyone.

Star Wars Episode Three - I saw this opening day in the theatre and there really is no other feeling like watching these movies premiere on opening day. Me and a friend of mine who is a die hard fan went to the last two movies on opening day. I'm a fan but more of a casual fan but I love taking part in the fandom of it. We had one opinion going into this one and thought, yeah, this isn't going to end well. LOL. We were of course talking about the series of events that would have to play out to get to episode four through six. This is actually my favorite of all of the Star Wars movies and I really liked it a lot. Acting was great and the fall of Anakin Skywalker is one to watch.

Lord Of The Rings. This is one of a lot of my friends favorite movie stories of mine. I went to this movie with my friend and his family. I knew nothing about the movies other than what had been talked about with the movies opening. I knew nothing about the books. I was invited and it sounded like fun so I was happy to go. The movie goes on and I get really interested in it. Then, the movie ends with them....just wandering off into the sunset so to speak. I was thinking, what a lousy ending. Are we supposed to just imagine what happened from there? Then, I got it told to me that it was just the first part. Ok, that makes a lot more sense!! LOL.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I'm not sure how many lists that this movie will make it on but I loved this movie. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey battle it out with Kate's character writing a story which is about trying to do everything in the world to get the guy to dump her while he tries to prove that he can make any woman fall in love with him in ten days. Each has separate agendas without the other knowing but love starts working between the two of them. Clever idea for a movie.

Monsters Inc. Yeah, I loved this movie. I went with my friend to see this way back in the decade. What I found funny was just how many adults were laughing harder than the kids. That is when you have a good kids movie. The kids are happy seeing the characters but they throw a lot of comedy in there that the adults can laugh at. Me and my friend laughed so hard at this movie!!

Serenity. Yeah, you knew that I had to tie a Joss Whedon project into this mix. Serenity finished off the Firefly TV series after it was cancelled way too soon. The movie was a great finish to the series and gave all of us fans a close to it. It gave us all that we loved about the TV show and put it into a fun two hour movie.

Fever Pitch. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon star in this romantic comedy about Drew’s character, Lindsay, being in a relationship with Jimmy’s character, Ben, who is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan. So, we have the balance of his love the for the Red Sox and his love for her. Fun movie.

That is really all I have as far as favorite movies for the decade. I’m sure I’m leaving something off but like I said, most of my favorites reside in the 80’s and 90’s.

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