Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survivor Samoa Premiere Thoughts - September 17, 2009

Tonight was the premiere of Survivor Samoa. Well, I might as well go ahead and mention the name that we are going to be hearing a lot of and that is Russell. Well, there are two guys named Russell this season but if you saw it, you know the one that I’m talking about. Russell’s strategy in the game is not a nice one and he is basically there to mess with everyone. What do I mean? Well, he formed an alliance with every female in his tribe immediately basically saying that they were all dumb. Overnight, he poured all the water out of the canteens and burned people's socks in the fire. The tribe woke up the next morning obviously cranky over everything but they never really did question what happened. Well, they thought that someone drank the water. The tribes were split into two right off the bat and then the tribes had to vote for a leader based on first impressions. Galu picked Russell (not the Russell that I have been talking about) while Foa Foa picked Mick. Then, they had to pick on first impressions who they thought would be the best swimmer, smartest, etc. Mick was mostly right on with his picks as Foa Foa would go on to win the first challenge. I’ve already talked about the happenings at Foa Foa with Russell’s antics. The Galu tribe had a much calmer time although Shambo was annoyed with the guys and the younger group as a whole as she was ready to work. The guys did clash on ways to get the camp up and running. The immunity challenge had Galu winning it. So, that gets us back to Russell and his antics at Foa Foa. Marisa started to see that Russell was talking to everyone at camp and questioning him. It should be pointed out that all of the females don’t trust Russell and have a bad feeling about him. Marisa was the one to voice it to the source and he used it against her. She basically told him that she was unsure of him cause of all the talking that he was doing. So, he went around telling everyone that Marisa had said that he makes her uncomfortable and went to get her voted out. Well, it worked. The only other one that got votes was Ashley who had a bit of a target on her claiming that she was the weak link of the tribe. Marisa was voted off on what I believe was a seven to three vote. Marisa was stunned and just looked sad as could be. I felt bad for her cause she appeared to be victim one of Russell. Wow, the promos were serious about him being a villain this season. What else will he do? I was reading in Entertainment Weekly last weekend where Jeff Probst said that a tribe member would be kicked out of a challenge for the first time and the previews for next week sure did make it seem like it would be happening then. Solid first episode tonight.

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