Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Modern Family Set To Premiere Tomorrow Night, September 23rd on ABC

I've been posting info on new shows that are about to premiere and tomorrow night is the premiere of Modern Family. The show is one of the latest new comedies from ABC. It stars Ed O'Neill of Married With Children fame along with Julie Bowen who you'll know from Boston Legal and also Ed. O'Neill stars as Jay who is in a new marriage around the age of 60 with his new wife, Gloria, being about half his age. Gloria also has an eleven year old son so Jay has to balance his new life with his wife and now a step-son. The show isn't just about them though as there are more families involved as they are one big family. Jay is the patriarch of the family. We also have Phil and Claire who have three kids with one boy and two teenage daughters. Phil and Claire have a very different style in raising their kids as Phil is more concerned with being liked by the kids while Claire is trying to keep them under control. The other family is Mitchell and Cameron who have adopted a Vietnamese baby named Lily. I've heard a lot of good press about this new series so it is definitely worth checking it out. When ABC did their fall presentation back in May and released their press about their new shows, this was the new comedy that got my attention over the others. The style of how it is produced really got my attention with the documentary type feel to it. It just really came off as unique. Modern Family premieres tomorrow night, September 23 at 8pm central time on ABC. If you want to see some clips of the show, here are a couple of videos to check out:

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