Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Brother 11 Down To The Final Three - September 10, 2009

Down to the final three on Big Brother and for the first time ever, Big Brother will have a final three going into finale night. Last week’s what in the world moment was Natalie winning HOH. LOL. That guaranteed Kevin’s safety, right? Wrong. She immediately talked about putting him up on the block!!! His reaction was hilarious cause wouldn’t you be reacting the same way if your friend in the house was talking about putting you up? Natalie’s plan was to make everyone think that they aren’t together anymore. Michele and Jordan were very cautious as to what was going on. Natalie put Michele and Kevin up for eviction. Natalie got a Pandora’s Box offer in the HOH room. She was told that a loved one was there to see her and that she could see him but it meant that she could not play in the veto competition. She took it and met up with her boyfriend. She was proposed to and is now engaged. She was given an offer of fifteen more minutes together but that she would unleash something on the house. She agreed in a second not caring what the rest of the house got and they got a bunch of people running around the house to annoy them. One of them was an overgrown baby and others dressed as insects, and more. Natalie revealed to the house that she took the Pandora’s Box offer. Actually, she decided to lie saying that Big Brother fooled her and she took the offer but got nothing except losing the ability to play for the veto. She also said something about how the votes in the end would not go for her either. I’m not even sure what she said cause the lie was so bad. LOL. The house didn’t buy it either. Kevin wasn’t happy that Natalie had thrown him out like that leaving him to win the veto on his own. Later, she admitted to her boyfriend showing up and revealed what happened. That left Kevin involved in a very stressed out mode needing to win the veto. The veto competition was won by Kevin which guaranteed Michele’s eviction. Afterwards, Kevin and Natalie started toasting to the win leaving Michele and Jordan to know that they had been played. Michele did try and make some promises to Kevin and try to sway him but to no avail. With Kevin being the veto winner, he was able to cast the deciding vote. He voted out Michele leaving a final three of Kevin, Jordan, and Natalie. The first part of the HOH takes place with the usual endurance challenge. Jordan was the first to fall off of a rolling log which had them getting hit with all sorts of weather season scenarios. Jordan hung right in there. Once Jordan was gone and went inside, Natalie and Kevin started talking deals. It was shown that Natalie had agreed to throw part one of the HOH three days before but she sure didn’t want to when it came down to it. Kevin promised her on everything that she was safe and Natalie finally did drop. Kevin did say in his interview that his word means nothing at this point in the game. I liked that one especially when Natalie has been doing so much lying in this game, even to Kevin. Julie Chen revealed the way that the rest of the game will play out to the houseguests. Part two of the HOH was played tonight. Nobody would be evicted tonight meaning that the final three will still be in the house on finale night. Part three of the HOH will take place on finale night. Then, the last person will be evicted and immediately join the jury in the studio. The voting for the winner of Big Brother will then take place after that. Part two of the HOH took place with Natalie taking on Jordan. You had to remember the HOH winners in order and then roll a ball up with their name on it into the specified hole. That means that you could have it right but if the ball rolls into the wrong hole, it does you no good. Natalie struggled with the physical part of it with her having the ball going into the wrong hole. I should also add that you had two minutes to complete this. Natalie got five right and finished with two seconds to spare. Jordan went up and looked much smoother. Funny that the live audience was cheering on every one she got right toward the end. Jordan got nine right and still had eighteen seconds to spare. That means that Jordan will face Kevin in part three of the HOH competition on finale night. Natalie’s fate is now in the hands of the both of them.

Just thought I’d give my overall thoughts here on the week and what is to come. Wow, Natalie has not done herself any favors at all with her getting caught in so many lies. She has wronged Kevin so many times or threatened to do so that I think he is going to remember that. I think anyone can win against Natalie at this point as the jury house is liking her less and less every week. Kevin definitely is gaining respect in the jury house and has at least been winning big competitions late in the game. I think Kevin against Jordan would be close if they were the final two. Let’s think about it. Kevin would have votes likely from Lydia, Russell, and Jessie. Jordan would have votes from Jeff, Michele, and possibly Natalie if Kevin did turn on her. That would make it a tie vote. America has a vote this time around and is the seventh juror. America will vote for Jordan to win which would give her the win. To me, that is the only close case scenario. I don’t think Natalie has a chance to win the majority of votes unless she gains some respect for that HOH win.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. I am not sure why Natalie felt the need to lie so much about the Pandora’s Box deal. Then, she lied so badly about it and it made it worse. When she revealed the truth, no one knew whether to believe her. She lies so much to them that they never know what is true. LOL. I can’t be the only one that gets flashbacks to Alison and the mime from Big Brother 4 when they let someone into the house to annoy the houseguests. That was funny stuff during BB4. We saw the jury house reaction to Jeff’s arrival. There was obvious joy for the jury seeing him walk in but I thought everyone was taking it light heartedly especially in their interviews. Russell is definitely behind Kevin to win this game. Great to see the returning houseguests tonight from past seasons. Boogie, Danielle (BB3 and All Stars), Janelle, and Dick were interviewed in the studio about their thoughts on the season. They had some interesting thoughts for sure. Dick and Boogie agreed that the best move of the game so far was Kevin and Natalie using the lie to get Jeff to get rid of Russell. Janelle said that the worst move of the game was Jeff getting rid of Russell cause it was the worst move for Jeff in the game. Danielle said that Natalie was the best player cause of the lies that she has gotten away with and using Kevin to do her dirty work. Only thing with that is that her lies are catching up to her just like with what happened to Danielle in BB3. Well, not as viciously as it did with Danielle but the jury house is definitely talking about Natalie. Who did they think would win? Janelle, Dick, and Boogie picked Kevin to win with Janelle adding that he needed to take Jordan with him to the final two. Danielle just wanted a woman to win against a man saying that when a woman wins, it is always against another woman. It was really interesting to hear their points of view on the season. Big Brother 11 wraps up on Tuesday night at 8pm central time with a two hour finale. Yes, finally a two hour finale of Big Brother!! Hopefully, that means more reunion time cause it is always rushed. This reunion show is going to be good.

CBS has already picked up Big Brother for next summer. This season has done very well ratings wise and deservedly so. This is the most that I have enjoyed it in a few years especially focusing on casting.

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