Thursday, September 10, 2009

Basketball Hall Of Fame, Amazing Race Cast, Idol, & More - September 10, 2009

The ratings were just kind of “ehh” for the premiere of Melrose Place. 2.3 million viewers tuned into the premiere. 2.6 million tuned in for 90210 the hour before so most of the audience did stick around for Melrose as well. The rating for 90210 was the best that it has done since January. The CW tends to not do high ratings so I’m not really surprised. I am curious to see what the DVR numbers are for Melrose Place. 90210 got a good bump ratings wise due to DVR numbers last season. 90210 did get 4.9 million viewers for its debut last year so Melrose did significantly lower than that number. Like I said though, I liked the Melrose premiere.

Fox has announced that Ellen Degeneres will replace Paula Abdul on American Idol full time. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I like Ellen and look forward to seeing how she does on the show.

I was in Best Buy last week and they were running a preview of the new movie, Extract. I saw this preview several times while looking around in the store. So, it does work with getting people to watch these things. LOL. The movie stars Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Wiig. I thought it looked funny based on what I saw in the store. May have to check it out.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Final Destination - $15.2 million. 2. Inglourious Ba****** - $14.9 million. 3. All About Steve - $14 million. 4. Gamer - $11.2 million. 5. District 9 - $9.1 million. 6. Julie & Julia - $7 million. 7. Halloween II - $6.8 million. 8. G.I. Joe - $6.7 million. 9. Extract - $5.5 million. 10. The Time Traveler’s Wife - $5.4 million.

The new cast of The Amazing Race has been announced.
Herbert (32 years old) and Nathaniel (28 years old) Harlem Globetrotters.
Marcy (60 years old) and Ronald (59 years old) couple who met online.
Meghan (23 years old) and Cheyne (23 years old) dating couple who have known each other since Elementary school.
Lance (41 years old) and Keri (33 years old) recently engaged couple.
Eric (41 years old) and Lisa (43 years old) married yoga instructors.
Garrett (28 years old) and Jessica (27 years old) dating couple with three breakups in their past.
Dan (21 years old) and Sam (23 years old) brothers.
Zev (26 years old) and Justin (31 years old) friends with Zev battling Asperger’s Syndrome.
Gary (47 years old) and Matt (22 years old) father/son team.
Mika (22 years old) and Canaan (26 years old) dating couple.
The new season premieres on September 27.

The new CD box set release of The Beatles is selling huge. I read an article about that last night saying how it was expected to sell well but it is far over expectations.

The Basketball Hall Of Fame induction will take place tomorrow night on ESPN beginning at 5:30pm central time. Going into the HOF will be Michael Jordan. I’m a long time huge Michael Jordan fan so I will be tuning into this for sure. MJ will always be my favorite player ever. No one will ever top him for me. Many great memories sitting in front of the TV and watching him. I still remember the frustration as a fan watching the Bulls lose to Detroit every year. Then, the glory days happened and it was incredible to watch it. Wow, do I ever miss those glory days now as a Bulls fan!! I remember how life used to revolve around when the Bulls were on TV. LOL. I am going to go over some of my favorite Jordan moments next week but I’m already thinking, how in the world am I going to choose them cause there are so many? Whether he was getting a roar at the old Madhouse on Madison or over at the new United Center, MJ was able to get that Chicago crowd on their feet with ease. Wow, I miss watching him play. Also going into the Hall Of Fame this year will be John Stockton, David Robinson, Jerry Sloan, and Vivian Stringer.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 15. The Big Bang Theory (Season Two), Bonanza (Season One – Volumes One & Two), C.S.I. Miami (Season Seven), The Clone Wars (Volume Two), Crash (Season One), The FBI Files (Season Four), Fame (Seasons One & Two), Grey’s Anatomy (Season Five), The IT Crowd (Season Three), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Season Four), My Name Is Earl (Season Four), Private Practice (Season Two), Sanctuary (Season One), Transformers (Season Two – Volume One).

Twitter Updates Of The Week: Dollhouse.
@foxdollhouse: “Episode 1 has two vital ingredients - Jamie Bamber, and stuff blowing up. It's like Battlestar without Tahmoh. Oh, wait.”
“Episodes 2 and 4 for the win. Also 5 has Summer in it. And 6. Insanity.”

You Tube Video Of The Week: What news anchors do during a break.

Wishing all of you a great and safe weekend. Take care and God bless!!

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