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Big Brother 11, Carrie Underwood Single Released, Chuck, Smallville, Miscellaneous Music Notes, & More - September 3, 2009

The Wrap Up returns this week after a one week hiatus. This week, I’ve got a recap of this week’s Big Brother, news on Carrie Underwood, casting on Chuck, counting down to the premieres of 90210 and Melrose Place, and more.

If you’re a Jeff fan like most of America, this was not the night for you on Big Brother. First, I’m going to backtrack to last week since I haven’t commented on it. Jeff won HOH and also veto. He ended up using the veto and put Russell up on the block. Backdoor was in effect and Russell went out loudly. How about Jordan stepping right up to Russell??!! It was a smart move for Jeff to get rid of Russell but it is funny that the lie stirred up by Natalie and Kevin just happened to be true by accident. So, with Russell evicted, it was time for a new HOH. Kevin survived the slippery HOH competition. Now, remember that Jeff had a deal with Kevin and Natalie to stay safe this week. Well, that went out of the window quickly. Kevin nominated Jeff and Michele for eviction with Jeff being the target. Natalie was playing her strategy of making it look like she wanted Michele out to keep the blood of Jeff’s eviction off of her hands. The veto competition was held and I always enjoy the morphing pictures competitions. Michele won the veto by a good margin. That meant that Jordan would likely go up on the block unless there was some miracle. Michele tried to fight to keep Jeff while Jordan offered to sacrifice herself for Jeff to stay. Michele did take herself off of the block and Kevin put up Jordan in her place. So, the couple was against each other on the block with Jeff against Jordan. There was some scrambling done to try and save Jeff but there really wasn’t much of a chance. Jeff and Michele threw a big deal at Natalie to get her vote offering her a guaranteed HOH win. Jeff even made a statement to her at the live eviction mentioning the deal. It didn’t work. Natalie voted Jeff out saying that it was revenge for Jessie’s eviction and also for herself in being nominated that week. Michele voted for Jordan to be evicted. That made it a tie and Kevin broke the tie evicting Jeff. Jeff got the first standing ovation from the fans as he left and it was a LOUD ovation. Then came the HOH shocker. Natalie, Michele, and Jordan ended up in a tie and the tiebreaker was won by Natalie. Natalie wins HOH. What???!!!!! I was stunned!! LOL. I had this reaction of “what in the world just happened???!!” So, that guarantees Natalie a spot in the final four and that Jordan or Michele will go home unless there is some shocking turn of events.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Ok, I am pulling for Michele to win this game. For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking that she was going to win it all. She has just been quietly working her way through this and winning big competitions. She will have to win the veto this week of course but she has a great shot at it. How about that jury house? Lydia sure didn’t hold a grudge for long. Come to think of it, it sure doesn’t seem like Natalie is either in the Big Brother house. I enjoyed the interaction between Jessie, Lydia, and Russell. Interesting that the guys talked of how they would absolutely give a vote to Jeff for what he had done in the game. How about Natalie’s secret getting revealed in the jury house? Wow, I thought that might blow up in her face. My only thing is that if you’re going to make that lie, don’t tell ANYONE. Keep that to yourself. Now, I haven’t been following the feeds much this year so I don’t know what made her reveal it but I just thought that was a bad idea to reveal it to even anyone. The reaction was hilarious when Russell found out that Natalie was 24 instead of 19. Speaking of Natalie, the dragonfly freakout was hilarious. She got a big laugh out of it too when they showed it tonight. That officially tops Ollie’s reaction to the birds last year. LOL. Both were hilarious. Ok, the Pandora’s Box segment was one of the funniest things that I have seen in Big Brother in years. If you missed it, Kevin was shown a secret door in the HOH. He had to make a decision to gamble on it or not open it. He went for it and there was a box inside. It mentioned that $10,000 would be released but you had to stick your hand inside for it to happen. He puts his hand in and it of course gets locked inside. He looks over on the TV on the side which reveals cash dropping from the sky in the backyard. He can’t move unless someone finds a key in the house to let him go. His reaction was hilarious. He even had to laugh at it. So, Natalie comes looking for him and he tells her about the key. Instead of going for the key, she goes back outside to collect more money. The fact that he saw her do this on the TV instead of helping him was even more funny cause she got caught red handed. Jeff returns and Kevin makes up a lie of that the key has to be gotten so any of them can keep the money. Jeff gets the key and goes right back outside with it collecting more money. LOL. Eventually, Natalie returns to Kevin and he gets her to go get Jeff. Jeff and Natalie return and unlock Kevin but it was hilarious watching how it all went down. The houseguests did VERY well money wise. Well, Kevin didn’t do as well cause he got there late. Jeff got the most collecting over $3,000. That was a hilarious segment. How frustrating would that be to watch everyone collecting money that you released? Then, you can’t get anyone to help you. Fun week of Big Brother. Disappointed that Jeff was eliminated. The finish of this game is all up in the air now. I really think that Natalie will make the final two cause you have to go up against her at this point. I’m going to pick a final two of Natalie and Michele with Michele winning the game.

Really fun late night gift for all of us Carrie Underwood fans last night. The link to Carrie’s new song, Cowboy Casanova was posted. What is funny is that I was listening to her CD on the way home last night and one of my thoughts was when we’d hear the debut of the single off of her new album. Three hours later, there it was. The name of her new album is Play On and will be released on November 3. The album cover was also released late last week and I love it. You can see the album cover and listen to the song at this link from her You Tube channel.

Speaking of Carrie, I watched a marathon of episodes of American Idol Rewind covering season four. They were really well done. I enjoyed hearing the thoughts of the contestants looking back at the moments of season four. It was especially interesting to watch the look back at the shocking elimination of Constantine.

Sticking with American Idol, a lot of names are being given as to who we can expect for guest judges next season. Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry will be guest judges during auditions. Others already announced are Victoria Beckham, Joe Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris, Mary J. Blige, and Kristin Chenoweth.

I’ve been watching the extras on the new Smallville season eight DVD set. There is an excellent featurette on Allison Mack’s directing debut which follows her on the job while also getting comments from cast and crew. She looked like a professional for sure and she got a ton of credit for the job that she did. It really gives you a great look at what the job is like. I thought Allison did an incredible job and look forward to her getting to direct again soon.

Exciting news from Chuck as far as guest stars go for sure. Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk is set to guest star on the show. Wow, that will be very cool. Looking forward to that. Michael Ausiello has more on the news about Kristin at this link: There is also news of Brandon Routh of Superman fame getting a guest starring role on the show as well. Ausiello has the scoop on that as well at this link:

Fox has announced what was speculated about at Comic Con. Summer Glau will be set to make a return to the Whedonverse. Summer, who is of course of Firefly fame, will be guest starring on season two of Dollhouse. She will play a character named Bennett who is a Dollhouse employee. It will be revealed that Bennett and Echo have a past together. Reallly happy to see Summer getting a guest shot.

We are just days away from having new episodes of 90210 and Melrose Place again on the same night. Season two of 90210 and the premiere of the new Melrose Place is this Tuesday, September 8 on The CW at 7pm central time. I’ll be checking out the new Melrose Place to see how it is compared to the original. I’m still waiting to see how they explain Sydney’s return. As far as 90210, I’m curious to see where they go for season two. I wasn’t crazy about the promos focusing mostly on Naomi especially after the cliffhanger with Annie last season. Anyway, it is going to be a major retro moment having these two shows to watch again on the same night.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Final Destination - $27.4 million. 2. Inglourious Bas***** - $19.3 million. 3. Halloween II - $16.3 million. 4. District 9 - $10.2 million. 5. G.I. Joe - $7.7 million. 6. Julie & Julia - $7 million. 7. The Time Traveler’s Wife - $6.4 million. 8. Shorts - $4.5 million. 9. Taking Woodstock - $3.4 million. 10. G-Force - $2.8 million.

Here is something that I learned this week. Watching the movie Twister and leaving it on when I go to sleep will lead to me having dreams of storm chasing. LOL. It was on one of the movie channels this week when I was going to sleep and then it was on again the next morning when I woke up. I kid you not that I was having dreams of being out storm chasing. LOL.

I’ve been watching a lot of music videos lately on TV. Yeah, you have to be up either really late or up early to see music videos on TV quite a bit of the time. I really like the new Colbie Caillat video to Fallin For You. Fun story to it with her out on a date with a very “over the top” guy. She is becoming one of my favorite singers as I like quite a few of her songs. She just has such a nice relaxing sound to her.

My five favorite new songs in no particular order.
Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova
Mat Kearney – Closer To Love (love this song and video)
Miranda Lambert – Dead Flowers
Colbie Caillat – Fallin For You
The Fray – Never Say Never (LOVE the shot of the woman with her hand up in the air at the end of this video. Really powerful).

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 8. Criminal Minds (Season Four), Dog The Bounty Hunter (Best of Season Five), Fringe (Season One), Mr. Belvedere (Season Three), The Office (Season Five), Parks and Recreation (Season One).

Twitter Update Of The Week: Julie Benz
@juliebenz “My cousin named his new baby "Dexter". Hope he named it after someone he knows or cuz its a cool name and not a show about a serial killer!”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Gotta love the piano playing cat.

That is it for this weekend. Wishing you a very happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!! Take care and God bless!!

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