Tuesday, September 8, 2009

90210 Season Premiere Recap & Thoughts - September 8, 2009

90210 - PaleyFest09Wow, it was just like my 1990's TV viewing was revisited tonight. I remember the days of having 90210 and Melrose Place to watch on the same night. Well, tonight was completely retro and I loved it.

90210’s second season premiered tonight. This definitely just had a different feel and look to it than last season. I’ll just go over the major storylines of the episode. I’m going to start with Annie cause I think that is the story to focus on this season. I’m still annoyed that the promos have basically not followed that at all. We were left with the cliffhanger last season about Annie running over someone after leaving drunk from a party. Annie is looking rough as this season begins. She has moved with her family to a new home with everyone saying that she needed a new beginning after the party which included her calling the cops on the underage drinking after Naomi went off on her. Annie isn’t up to new beginnings cause she is following the story of the unknown person that she ran over who is in a coma. She later learns that the person passed away and she continues to carry the major guilt of it. She later confides in Dixon about it but he thinks that she is going to reveal that she slept with Liam which was what Naomi was all upset about. That of course isn’t true anyway and Annie and Dixon had a major falling out. Dixon goes to the end of summer party and leaves Annie stranded there with no way home. Annie runs into Naomi and they continue their feud. Annie meets a guy named Mark. They end up drinking and end up in a cabana together. Later, Mark arrives at school and showed off to his friends about what happened with Annie. He had pictures to prove it to which Naomi got a hold of them. It looks like those will be shown to the school next week.

How about Silver and Dixon? Well, you may remember that Silver and Ethan shared their kiss to end last season. Dixon never found out about it and it was kept secret. Silver wasn’t answering Ethan’s text messages. They ended up getting back together. A new guy named Teddy got a hold of the text message which talked of a kiss. He told Dixon and he called things off immediately. Silver was crushed and she talked of how Ethan moving across the country didn’t bother her at all. The thought of Dixon doing that made her not able to breathe and that was the feeling that she was having after the breakup. The result. Silver wants Dixon back. Dixon wants nothing to do with her. Pretty much like last season. LOL.

What about this Teddy guy? He was the new guy that Naomi had her eyes on. We learned that he was an old friend of Adrianna’s from summer camp and they used to date. This draws jealousy from Navid and also from Naomi. Naomi was hoping to have Teddy as another guy to help her get over Liam. Liam does show back up at school but Naomi runs off instead of talking to him. Big reveal toward the end of the episode with us getting to see that license plate of Teddy's. It looks like we have our reveal of who was around and saw Annie’s hit and run.

Overall thoughts. I enjoyed the season premiere overall. I still say that the major focus of the current storylines needs to be around Annie. The mystery of the hit and run is the most compelling thing on the show right now. The Beverly Hills Beach Club opens the season. Ahh, memories. Not sure how crazy that I am with Silver being in a group with Naomi and Adrianna. Well, mostly with Naomi. It just goes against what I liked about the Silver character last season. Adrianna’s change will be a major focus this season with her already seemingly having regret over giving up the baby. Not crazy at all about the new theme song. Ugh. Found it to be really boring. Bring back last season’s theme song quickly. It is interesting to see how Annie and Naomi are pitted against each other especially with Annie being in the right. Because of her being wrongfully accused, her life went out of control after the events of the night. Really interested to continue to see her interaction with her family as she spirals. Again, this story needs to be the focus of the show for a while.

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