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The Entertainment Wrap Up - November 6, 2008 - Survivor, Smallville, Election Night Ratings, Dollhouse, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, & More

Busy week for the Wrap Up with all the concert and Q&A stuff. Back to business as usual tonight with the normal Wrap Up.

Merge? What merge? That was the story of tonight’s Survivor. The tribes were brought to the beach for a feast together but with a twist. There was a box to be opened but when the box was opened, the feast would be over. Another twist was made when Ken found a hidden immunity idol clue. As Ken read, Charlie did the same thing. Marcus decided to try and work something where the hidden idol would be found and thrown away. Randy jumped on the idea as well along with finding the idol. The idol was offered to anyone who wanted it but no one jumped on it instead sending the immunity idol into the water. Next was the news that the tribes would not be merging but instead be switching up. After a drawing, Fang consisted of Randy, Charlie, Corinne, Matty, and Sugar. Kota consisted of Bob, Marcus, Susie, Ken, and Crystal. The original Kota members had the numbers on both tribes. It should be pointed out that Fang talked of making sure they (Matty, Crystal, Ken, Sugar) went to the final four. The Kota tribe had the same plan though planning on their Kota Six getting to the final six. Sugar was told by Matty that Ken stirred up a lot of the mistrust in Ace saying that Ken was the one that didn’t trust Ace. Matty told Sugar that Ace had never talked of turning on her. Sugar felt really bad after the conversation while Matty and Sugar talked of having each other’s backs. A balancing immunity challenge would come down to Matty and Bob. The winner would win immunity for the tribe. Despite laughing and all, Matty was able to pull out the win for Fang. Marcus and Crystal found out that they knew the same person at home as Marcus is best friends with one of Crystal’s cousins. Marcus tried to align with her but wanted Ken to be the target. Crystal wasn’t for having her main alliance member getting voted out. Susie turned into the swing vote as she had wanted a final three agreement with Marcus. He did promise it to her but Crystal worked on her saying that there was no way he could promise that due to the others not liking her. Tribal council saw Marcus being voted out on a 3-2 vote with Susie switching up and joining up with Ken and Crystal.

Tonight’s Smallville had a lot of wild happenings. The crystal sent Clark and Lois into the Phantom Zone where they found Kara. Lois was sent back at the request of Clark despite pleas from Kara to not open the portal due to the phantoms getting through as well. Lois did make it through but so did the wife of Zod. She took over Lois’s body and went to find Davis letting him in on what was going on with him. Chloe and Oliver worked on plans to get Clark back which had Chloe being the one to get the job done complete with white eyes as it happened. She kind of feels like a computer version of Willow from Buffy when she started to go the wrong way. Tess also continues to try to get clues on what happened with Lex. She got a lot of strange happenings right in her face in this episode including her first encounter (well sort of) with Green Arrow.

Heroes had a week off from new episodes but it sure wasn’t out of the news. Major news from the show as two co-executive producers were fired. Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander are out. The ratings for Heroes have been falling all season and the show has been taking a lot of criticism from people over the last two seasons. The firings appear to be “creative differences”. It really feels like maybe NBC is just panicking. It isn’t like the ratings are terrible. The show is still drawing 10 million viewers a week!! Personally, I am not seeing the problem with Heroes. I love the show and have loved the storylines. I have a ton of friends that are hooked on Heroes and I have not heard ONE of them complain about the show. Instead, we’re all talking about how great it is. I get that a lot of people are critical about it but I still love the show. Everyone is going to have their opinion on what they like and don’t like.

How great was this week’s How I Met Your Mother? The show is really hitting stride again this season. The episode focused on Ted being afraid to run into Stella after their breakup. The gang was all at a restaurant together and Ted had everyone dive under the table when Stella walked in so they wouldn’t be seen. A lot of the episode took place from underneath the table with the group discussing the happenings and how Ted needed to face her. It also brought up memories of everyone’s past on who they would not want to face again. I loved the stuff with “angry” Ted as they followed Stella home. I was cracking up at them egging Ted on to give Stella a piece of his mind. I couldn’t have been the only one disappointed that Ted’s fantasy speech of “you made a mistake” didn’t actually get said. Great episode!!

This week’s Big Bang Theory centered around a woman that was interested in Sheldon’s smarts. I loved Walowitz’s explanation of the only way that he thought Sheldon would reproduce was if he had too much thai food and then just multiplied. The episode had a lot of good humor with the friends all in shock over how crazy this woman was for Sheldon while Penny got accused by the woman of wanting Sheldon for herself. Funny stuff.

Which network did the best viewer wise with the election coverage on Tuesday night? That would go to ABC with 13.1 million edging out CNN’s 12.3 million. The rest of the most watched in order was NBC, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and Fox Network. CNN saw a dramatic viewer increase from its 2004 coverage also making it the biggest viewership in CNN’s history. CBS and NBC both saw viewer decreases from 2004. MSNBC and Fox News had increases in viewers from 2004. The CW decided to air its regularly scheduled programming and took a hit in viewers.

A party thrown by Silver, which was the last hurrah for her being alone as Kelly is on her way back home, was the backdrop for many moments on this week’s episode of 90210. Annie and Dixon were told by their parents about the secret of their dad having another kid earlier in his life with Naomi’s mom. Dixon’s way of dealing with it was having doubts but also talking to Silver about it. Annie had a rough time though as she ended up big time drunk eventually being rescued by her dad that turned into a nice moment. Annie and Ethan continued to try to sneak around Naomi but that sneaking around was over by the end of the episode as they were caught kissing. Kimberly and Ryan were caught leaving the party by another student which turned into black mail. Ryan was given a paid leave of absence due to a teacher not being able to be seen with a student off campus. Yeah, Kimberly isn’t a student really but they’re having to uphold this to keep her undercover as an officer. Did I say that Kelly was on her way back? Yep, this coming week will see the return of Jennie Garth as Kelly and hopefully we’ll find out some good story on what happened when she went to see Dylan with her son.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. High School Musical 3 - $15.3 million. 2. Zack and Miri - $10 million. 3. Saw V - $9.7 million. 4. Changeling - $9.3 million. 5. The Haunting of Molly Hartley - $5.4 million. 6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $4.8 million. 7. The Secret Life Of Bees - $4 million. 8. Max Payne - $3.6 million. 9. Eagle Eye - $3.4 million. 10. Pride and Glory - $3.3 million.

Here we go Joss Whedon fans. Is it time to worry? Well, Fox has decided to air Dollhouse on Friday nights beginning on February 13th at 8pm central time. I don’t have to tell you that Friday nights are not good for getting viewers. Terrible time slot!! Grrr Argh Fox!! Fox does have a preview up of the show which you can check out here.

Fox has announced that season seven of 24 will begin on Sunday, January 11th with two hours worth of episodes. Two more hours of 24 will air the following night on Monday, January 12th. Fans of 24 are no doubt waiting impatiently for the new season to start.

Fox has decided to not pick up King Of The Hill. The good news for fans is that there is talk that other networks are interested in picking it up which is said to include ABC.

Nick and Starr continue to lead the way on The Amazing Race. We’ve got a romance that is trying to bloom between two teams with Starr and then Dallas. Funny how they talked about how awkward that it was trying to talk to each other with one having a brother while the other has a mom around. Andrew and Dan struggled with the ironing part and I was feeling bad for them with how frustrated they were getting. Funny line from Dallas when he said “frat guys never iron shirts, at least the ones that I know anyway”. They were able to battle back and not finish last. Ken and Tina were the last team to arrive but this was non elimination so they will continue on. However, they will have to take on the speed bump on the next leg of the race which will slow them down. Results for this leg of the race: 1st – Nick and Starr, 2nd – Kelly and Christy, 3rd – Toni and Dallas, 4th – Terence and Sarah, 5th – Dan and Andrew, 6th – Ken and Tina.

It was fun to see the meeting of Sean and Reed on Storm Chasers I do wonder how a teaming of Reed and the TIV crew would work out. I’ve been watching some of the videos that Reed and the crew have up on and they just leave you in awe. I’ve never seen footage as incredible as what they are able to capture.

The Regis and Kelly Halloween show was a lot of fun as usual. The Olympic segment was fun with Kelly as Shawn Johnson, Regis as Bela Karolyi, and Mario Lopez as Michael Phelps. Great job on the editing tying Kelly and Shawn together on the beam routine. Kelly did a really good Sarah Palin as well while Regis got to impersonate Joe Biden. Speaking of Regis, he really looked the part of Billy Ray Cyrus in that costume. The music video was a lot of fun too that had them dressed as Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers. The cooking segment was funny with playing the parts of various TV cooking personalities. This Halloween special delivers every year and it definitely did this year too.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 11th. 7th Heaven (Season Seven), Chuck (Season One On Blu-ray), The Cosby Show (25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Set), Father Knows Best (Season Two), Firefly (Full Series on Blu-ray), I Dream Of Jeannie (Full Series), Little House On The Prairie (Full Series), Scrubs (Season Seven), The Sopranos (Full Series), Supernatural (Season Three on Blu-ray).

TV Line Of The Week: Kelly Ripa in costume as Miley Cyrus on the Halloween show of Live With Regis and Kelly. I cracked up at this line.
“I’m Miley Cyrus. If you don’t know who I am, that must mean that you’re really, really old”.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Mad TV spoofs Lost

Wishing each and every one of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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