Sunday, May 11, 2008

And The Winner Of Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Is..........

Survivor Fans vs. Favorites had its finale tonight and I really enjoyed the show. This has been one of the best seasons of Survivor. There were so many moments that left you speechless over what you had seen especially when it came to immunity and some of them didn't even involve the actual idol. Going into tonight's show, we had the final four. The women had prevailed with Amanda, Cirie, Natalie, and Parvati making it to the final four. The first immunity challenge of the night was held and Amanda made a come from behind effort to win. That brings us to the first tribal council of the night. Natalie gets voted out which means the last "fan" is out of the game leaving three "favorites". The talk then turns to how the final three thinks that the game is over. For the last few seasons, the show has ended with a final three instead of a final two as it used to be. The editing of the show made me think that they were doing final two tonight cause they were making such a big deal out of it. Sure enough, they get the news that there will be another immunity challenge. The challenge was very similar to the one that Amanda won in her other season. You must balance a ball and not let it fall. My first thought going into the challenge was that if Cirie wanted to be in the final two, she had to win. If Amanda won, she was taking Parvati to the final two. If Parvati won, she was taking Amanda. Cirie had her own fate literally in her hands. Parvati ends up out of the challenge leaving Amanda against Cirie. Cirie drifts off for one second and the ball falls leaving Amanda as the winner and the ultimate decision of who to take to the final two. Tribal council has Amanda deciding to take Parvati with her to the final two. Cirie is voted out. That gets us to my favorite part of the season every year, the jury questioning. I cannot tell you how many years that I have made sure to have all my food and everything ready so I do not have to leave the TV during this segment. There is just something about the great TV of watching these jury members get up there and vent their hurt feelings. LOL. The questioning wasn't as bad as I expected and I thought the jury would be harder on Parvati than on Amanda. I'm not sure that was the case though. Amanda had some people upset at her as well. How about Ozzy blasting Parvati and then telling of his love for Amanda? Pretty fitting that they let him go last too. Wow, Natalie was harsh on Parvati. My goodness. Eliza is always one of my favorites to have up there on the jury cause she is a straight shooter and will tell you what she thinks. Erik voiced his hurt feelings over what happened to him but voiced it at Amanda. She stood up back to him though. The votes did not go at ALL like I thought they would. I thought for sure that Amanda had it wrapped up BUT things did not go that way. Parvati ends up winning on a 5-3 vote and it seemed like the overall reaction was surprise. Even Parvati looked surprised. The last vote was the deciding one and I would really have liked to have seen a tie just to see what the rule is on how to decide a winner. That has never happened. The last vote was for Parvati though. As far as I can tell, the votes for Amanda were Ozzy, James, and Erik while Cirie, Alexis, Natalie, Eliza, and Jason voted for Parvati. I never would have guessed that Parvati would have won. She played a very cutthroat type game but made some big moves in the game that was rewarded by the jury. Poor Amanda. She gets to the final on two seasons in a row and wins the big challenges but can't get the votes to win. I actually thought that her jury questioning cost her the game last season but I thought she did better tonight. The jury just voted how they felt and went with Parvati so congrats to her.

The reunion show was a lot of fun as always. I love watching it and finding out what people have to say about the happenings of the season. It was great to hear Jeff Probst mention how many fans were saying how great this season was cause it was a great season. Ozzy and Amanda are still together. Erik was a good sport over talking about his giving up immunity. James' line about giving up your life raft when hanging off the boat was a great analogy!! LOL. I'm always glad when Probst gets around to asking everyone questions cause I feel bad for the ones that got voted out early and don't get asked anything. James won the $100,000 from the fan voting which had him, Ozzy, and Amanda as the top three vote getters. Parvati sure didn't get much attention as far as questioning especially for the winner. As far as the injured players this season, everyone is doing well which is great to hear.

Next season's Survivor will be heading back to Africa as they will go to Gabon.

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