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April 10, 2008 - Idol Gives Back, Survivor, Robin Sparkles, and More

This week was Idol Gives Back week on American Idol. This is a great fundraising show that is becoming a yearly tradition. Billboard is saying that the show raised $22 million on Wednesday night. Appearing on the show were Billy Crystal, Bono, Kobe Bryant, Ben Stiller, Kylie Minogue, The Jonas Brothers, John Cena, Triple H, Adam Sandler, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, David & Victoria Beckham, Kiefer Sutherland, Celine Dion, Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Forest Whitaker, Reese Witherspoon, Keith Urban, Dane Cook, Alicia Keys, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Robin Williams, Rob Schneider, Tyra Banks, David Spade, Brad Pitt, and more. Performing on the show was Carrie Underwood, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Fergie with John Legend, Heart, Annie Lennox, Gloria Estefan, Daughtry, and Mariah Carey. I loved Carrie Underwood's version of "Praying For Time" that she performed. The exchange between Billy Crystal and Miley Cyrus was funny where their whole segment was basically pointing out the difference in age between them while playing up that neither knew who the other was. LOL. I enjoyed the performance show on Tuesday night. The theme of the week was inspiration so that was what the performers did with picking out their favorite inspirational songs. I mentioned recently about how picking "Alone" was a risky choice due to how great that Carrie sang it back in season four. Well, Syesha picking Fantasia's "I Believe" was a risky one as well. I thought she did well with it but it is so hard to live up to the original. I like Carly but just wasn't crazy with her performance this week. I like the song but it just didn't click with me. I thought Jason Castro might have had his best performance yet with "Over The Rainbow". Kristy Lee Cook brought it this week and I loved her performance. Randy Jackson sure wasn't liking much on that episode, was he? The crowd was tearing him up over his critiques instead of Simon. Tonight's voting show had a surprising ending. The bottom three were Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and Syesha Mercado. Michael Johns was the surprise voted out tonight. So much for the TIVO theory that went around today. TIVO had predicted who was being voted out for the last four weeks based on their own statistics of how people were watching replays of performances and all. They were saying Syesha would be voted out tonight. Also on tonight's show, we got more celebrity pushes for Idol Gives Back. We also had Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown as they performed their new song live which is a song that I really like. Jordin was presented with two platinum records for two of her singles and then also a gold album for her debut album.

So, I officially canceled my Big Brother feeds. Yeah, I told you how much I disliked this season. I actually haven't watched the feeds in a couple of weeks. If you're wondering why the Big Brother coverage has been slimming down over the last couple of weeks, now you know. Last week, Adam won HOH leaving James looking vulnerable once again. A tearful plea to Adam won him over and he saved himself from being nominated. Adam put up Sharon and Sheila for eviction. Adam's whole alliance snapped on him wondering what he was doing as their target was James. He later apologized for what he did. The veto competition took place. James was eliminated mid way through and Ryan won it. Ryan used the veto on Sheila and then Adam put James up for eviction in her place. That gets us to last night's episode where James was evicted on a 3-0 vote. The HOH competition was an endurance challenge. The competition was ongoing as the show went off the air. I'll post the winner below in a spoiler alert if you want to know.
Other notes from the Big Brother week. Natalie sure is stirring up a lot of stuff. She says one thing to someone and then proceeds to tell the comment to someone else saying that someone else said it. I'm not sure what her strategy is in this game. It's always interesting to see the sequester house to see how things are going there. Things were about like I expected. We saw Matt, Chelsia, and Josh all reunited.
How did the HOH competition turn out? Well, here you go. SPOILER ALERT!! The HOH had Sharon going out early on. Sheila ended up taking the win and she has since made her nominations which are Adam and Sharon.

How I Met Your Mother is setting up for a big group of guest stars on the April 21st episode. The episode will see the return of the Robin Sparkles story. Guest starring on the show will be 80's teen singer Tiffany, Alan Thicke, and James Van Der Beek. A new Robin Sparkles song will debut during the episode. The first go round of the Robin Sparkles storyline was great stuff so I really look forward to this episode.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 21 - $15.1 million. 2. Leatherheads - $13.5 million. 3. Nim's Island - $13.3 million. 4. Horton Hears A Who - $9.1 million. 5. The Ruins - $7.8 million. 6. Superhero Movie - $5.4 million. 7. Meet The Browns - $3.5 million. 8. Drillbit Taylor - $3.5 million. 9. Shutter - $2.9 million. 10. 10,000 BC - $2.7 million.

Don't forget that Smallville returns next week with new episodes.

Mike Myers has been named as the host of the MTV Movie Awards taking place this summer.

On to the merge on Survivor. We also had the interest in the fake immunity idol on whether it would be used. First, the merge takes place and the tribes decide on Malakal to be their home. Erik promised trust to Ozzy for saving him at the previous tribal council. Eliza felt like she was on her own especially after finding out that Ami had been voted out. She and Jason had an alliance though as they both were bonding together over being outcasts in the tribe. Problems among the women. Eliza tried to align back with Parvati who wasn't having it and told Amanda about it. Amanda had her own problems with Parvati with finding out that Parvati had put her in an alliance with Alexis and Natalie without her approval. Amanda also wasn't happy with the bonding of Ozzy and Alexis. The immunity challenge was a competition of trying to stay under the water for the longest. Winner of the first single immunity goes to Jason. With Jason winning, he promised his hidden immunity idol to Eliza to protect her. He showed her the stick which is of course the fake immunity idol that Ozzy fixed up. She knew immediately that it wasn't the real thing but had to go for it anyway. She presented it at tribal council and it was told as a fake. Ozzy got a big laugh out of seeing it used. Eliza then said that it proved that Ozzy had the real one. Eliza was voted out. I'm an Eliza fan so I liked seeing her getting to call out the owner of the real immunity idol and change the game up a bit on her way out.

CBS has already canceled their new show, Secret Talents of the Stars. Only 4.6 million viewers tuned into the premiere this past Tuesday night. Somewhere, the Jericho fans have a huge smile on their face.

Jewel Staite, who played Kalee, on Firefly made some noise among Firefly fans recently when she mentioned that she had recently been asked to do commentary on a new box set. The new box set does appear to be a high definition set released on Blu-Ray. I'm sure it is a LONG way off from release but it does appear to be in the works.

If you're a fan of High School Musical, a fourth movie is already in the works. Disney Entertainment talked this week about there being a script being worked on. If I was Disney, I'd keep going with that series of movies as long as possible. What a huge money maker.

There are some movies that you just watch over and over. I know that there are several movies that I will stop on a channel and watch no matter how many times that I've seen it. One of these movies is Independence Day. I have seen this a ton lately on the movie channels. I actually had to make myself stop watching it the other night to go do something that I needed to get done. However, I was very content to just keep watching it. I still remember going to the theatre and seeing this during opening weekend in 1996. Me and my group of friends got there a little later than we wanted and ended up having to sit on the front row cause the theatre was jammed. I still laugh at us moving our heads from left to right as we read the words that would appear on the screen cause we were so close. I can't stand sitting that close but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of that movie at all. I loved that movie and, like I said, I'll still watch it when I see it on a lot of times. Just a great mix of action, story, and comedy. Fun cast too. I still laugh every time near the end of the movie where Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum's characters get spotted by the alien which is when the alien overrides the command opening up the windows. Goldblum's way of delivering his reaction line (which I won't repeat, LOL) cracks me up every time.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, April 15th. American Dad (Volume Three), Melrose Place (Season Four).

TV Line Of The Week: From Survivor.
"That can't be it because it's just a stick." - Eliza to Jason after seeing the fake immunity idol.

You Tube Video Of The Week: The Transformers in Hollywood. Strong language in this one!!

Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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