Thursday, May 9, 2013

Survivor's Brenda Gives To Her Tribe & They Give Back At Tribal Council, Carrie Underwood Gets Sunday Night Football Job, Idol Shakeup, NBC Moves, Vote For Mike Fisher!!! - May 9, 2013

This week's Survivor.  It was all about giving.  Brenda gave up the reward to be with their loved ones to the others.  She gave up her chance at immunity to Dawn.  The tribe gave back to her her out at tribal council.  Wow, that has to be one of the coldest moves I've seen in the history of this game.  Just unreal what happened.  We were down to the final six and it was time for that Survivor season tradition of the loved ones being brought in.  Each had someone there and the castaway and their loved one teamed together in the reward challenge.  It was won by Brenda and her dad.  She was given the decision of being able to bring another team with her to enjoy the reward of spending time with their loved ones on the boat along with food.  She chose Dawn and her husband.  Then came the big twist.  On the Sprint phone was something that showed that these were not the only loved ones there.  Each person had two family or friends there.  Brenda was given the decision of keeping the win for herself and Dawn or she could give it up to the other four.  My goodness, what a decision!!  She gave it up to the other four and looked like a major hero sacrificing for the others.  Now, Dawn was obviously in the bad spot of that being on the winning side with Brenda.  So, she just lost out on it and her frustration showed while Brenda encouraged her to let out her frustration and tears so it would make her stronger once she got it out.  Then, we get to the immunity challenge which was an endurance challenge.  It came down to Brenda and Dawn.  Dawn was looking to make a deal immediately saying that she wanted to have the perks of a win for the first time ever telling Brenda that the plan was as always and that was to vote out Eddie so it didn't matter who won.  They competed for a little while and then Brenda bailed on it giving Dawn the win.  The talk turned immediately between Dawn and Cochran about voting out Brenda and making that big move.  Tribal council confirmed it and Brenda was voted out.  The votes for Brenda were Dawn, Cochran, and Sherri.  Brenda was shocked and voiced her thoughts on it saying that she had been honest to them and how hurt she was.  Cold, cold, cold.  She gives up that reward and immunity and gets voted out.  The game of Survivor is a cold one and this was a shining example of it.  I checked out the Ponderosa episode on to see her arrival.  The jury all welcomed her with opened arms saying that she had gotten done wrong.  She was obviously hurt but by the end of the night, she said she wasn't mad and that it was the game in her interview with the camera.  Phillip made a funny comment at the table as they sat there with saying "give yourself a couple of days and then you'll be mad".  It is clear that the jury isn't much of a fan of Dawn so she may have major problems getting votes if she gets to the end of this game.  Cold episode of Survivor.  I felt really bad for Brenda.  That was wrong.

Networks are making moves as we get close to the upfronts next week and we'll find out what the networks have ready for the fall.  Cancellations, renewals, and pilots being picked up.  NBC is making a lot of moves.  They have renewed Parenthood, Grimm, Law & Order: SVU, Revolution, Parks and Recreation, and Chicago Fire.  Whitney and 1600 Penn were canceled today by NBC.  Several pilots have been picked up so next week will be interesting to see where they go.

It appears that Randy Jackson is out at American Idol.  E! News has the story and official statement from Randy Jackson which you can check out at this link.

Carrie Underwood is the new musical voice of Sunday Night Football on NBC.  It was announced earlier this week that Carrie will replace Faith Hill as the singer of the theme song for SNF, "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night".  She will debut on September 8th.  In the press release put out by NBC, Carrie spoke on the announcement saying "I am thrilled to be a part of NBC's Sunday Night Football and am so honored they asked me.  I have always loved football season, and it is so exciting to now become part of it every Sunday night!" Very exciting news for all of us Carrie fans and I'm excited to see what she does with the song.  Big congrats to Carrie!

Yes, I will admit it.  I am very biased on this vote.  LOL.  The vote for the cover person of the new EA Sports NHL 14 game has been underway.  Mike Fisher, of the Nashville Predators, is one of those in the running and I say vote Fisher!  LOL.  What ideas does Mike have to gain fan support?  Here is a video to show it.  Funny stuff!  Voice your support on Twitter with #NHL14Fisher #NHL14CoverVote and you can vote here at this link.

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