Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friends Reunion Not Happening - April 16, 2013

The answer is "no" to a Friends reunion.  The internet was abuzz earlier today over a report saying that Friends had been renewed for a full season.  The site, Star Media reported this saying that the show had been picked up for a full season but that none of the cast were on board with it yet.  NBC has done some crazy things here lately but renewing Friends without having anyone on board seemed way over the top of crazy things that they would do.  I first saw this rumor on Twitter earlier today but it seemed like everyone that I followed weren't even taking it seriously with all of the sources that they had.  I then went searching myself thinking where in the world did all this rumor get started and found that site.  In fact, the Huffington Post already has confirmation from Warner Brothers shutting the rumor down completely which you can read here.  So, no to a Friends reunion.  I wish it was true too.  It definitely got people talking today for a little while so that was fun while it lasted.

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