Thursday, March 14, 2013

Veronica Mars Movie Hits The $2 Million Goal In Less Than 24 Hours, Exciting Times In The Entertainment Industry Ahead

We can now officially say it is happening!!!  The Veronica Mars movie is no longer a hope or a dream.  It is now a reality.  A 30 day goal was set up to raise $2 million to get this movie rolling and within 24 hours, the money raised was upwards of around $2.4 million.  Unbelievable.  As can be expected, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project drew quite the buzz yesterday not just among fans but the entertainment industry as a whole watching this thing go down.  Every time that I would check the total, it just kept skyrocketing.  Twitter was a fun place yesterday with just watching people commenting in amazement over the response.  Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell spoke up for the fans and believed in this project.  They have believed in it for years.  They said the fans would show up and stuck their neck out saying here we go.  Within 24 hours, the fans spoke back fully funding this movie and funding it fast.  Now, obviously there is still 29 days left in this project.  With more money still continuing to come in, it just makes the movie bigger and better.  This thing is happening!  The movie should begin shooting this summer and it will be released early next year from what information that I have seen.

Make no mistake about it.  This project was huge.  This was a big, big deal and something that is going to change the entertainment industry.  Many have talked about this kind of thing for a long time wondering if people could get around things in the industry allowing fans to get involved over projects that they were passionate about.  I think it is very fitting that a passionate fan base like the Veronica Mars fan base were the ones to not just open the door but to swing and slam that door so wide open that everyone heard it.  The success of this project is going to open up so many possibilities of others doing the same kind of thing.  Getting to support projects to get them up and running while you are also getting something extra back along with the finished product.  One person that I have had in mind while watching this is Zachary Levi.  He is someone that I could really see being creative and keeping a very close eye to see if it could take off.  It turns out that he was was definitely paying attention as he posted this on Twitter last night.  "1st, congrats to @IMKristenBell & @RobThomas for helping move entertainment a little closer in the direction I've always hoped it would go.  2nd, to you Chucksters, believe that this news only bolsters my faith that I can help bring you a #ChuckMovie. Be patient. Stay tuned".  So, Zachary is already stirring on something with Chuck out of this project's success.  Believe me, the Chuck fans will swarm like crazy if a project does ever come about involving that show.  I know this cause I'll be one of them looking to help and push that campaign.  I could see a Chuck project being huge.  There are so many shows that you could say that with.  Could you imagine a Whedonverse backed Kickstarter project?  So, that is my plea to so many out there.  We've had a lot of shows taken from us over the years.  Shows we loved.  So many great projects that had the fan base and made their mark.  They were taken away before it was ready to be taken away.  Veronica Mars set the bench mark and showed that this can be done.  You can get the fans involved and they are going to help make the dreams of these producers, cast, and crew come true.  If you want a blueprint of how to do this kind of project, look no further than the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project.  It was a thing of beauty and there is currently $2.7 million backing that up as fact.  The entertainment industry changed yesterday and it is very exciting.  The possibilities are wide open now on what we might see in the future.  It is an exciting time for sure.  I can't wait to see what is coming next from my fandom universes. 

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