Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Brother 14 Cast Announced - 12 New Cast Members - 4 Set To Return - July 5, 2012

It's July which means it's almost Big Brother time.  The countdown to the premiere of Big Brother 14 is seven days.  This is a big week as we have seen the house pictures and now we have a cast announcement today.  CBS unveiled the cast earlier today which includes 12 new houseguests with one having a very familiar last name.  There is also word that there will be four returning houseguests but there has no official announcement yet on who that is.  This cast of newbies is a mix of all ages.  Let's get into the biographies of who most of this new cast will include.

JoJo Spatafora - 26 years old.  Bartender from Staten Island, NY.
Kara Monaco - 29 years old. Model from Orlando FL but living in Los Angeles, CA.
Shane Meaney - 26 years old. House flipper from Bennington, VT.
Will Heuser - 24 years old. Marketing consultant from Louisville, KY.
Willie Hantz - 34 years old. Tankerman from Vinton, LA but living in Dayton, TX.
Ashley Iocco - 26 years old. Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company from Pittsburgh, PA but living in West Hollywood, CA.
Danielle Murphree - 23 years old. Nurse from Grant, AL but living in Tuscaloosa, AL.
Frank Eudy - 28 years old. Unemployed from Marion AK but living in Naples, FL.
Ian Terry - 21 years old. Engineering student at Tulane University. Hometown is Pittsburgh, PA but living in New Orleans, LA.
Jenn Arroyo - 37 years old. Musician/former bass player for the female metal group "Kittie" and from Brooklyn, NY.
Jodi Rollins - 42 years old. Restaurant server from Englewood, CO but living in Calipatria, CA.
Joe Arvin - 41 years old. Chef from Lexington, KY but living in Schererville, IN.

It seems like a good mix of people.  There is obviously one name in there that is going to get attention.  See that Hantz last name?  Willie Hantz is Russell Hantz's brother.  Yep, the Hantz crew is now invading Big Brother.  The press release says that the returning houseguests will be "four of the most successful players of all-time playing the game with their own agenda and for their own prize". 

Big Brother airs three nights a week as usual on CBS.  Thursdays at 8pm central time, Sundays at 7pm central time, and Wednesdays at 7pm central time.  Big Brother 14 premieres on Thursday, July 12th at 8pm central time.  The promo for the premiere says we will get "60 captivating minutes, four supersized returns, one game changing shocker".  It isn't Big Brother without the live feeds so head over to SuperPass at for info on how to sign up for the feeds.

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