Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smash Season One Thoughts & Changes Are Coming - May 24, 2012

I have been behind on my TV so I just finished the first season of Smash last night.  This show has really drawn a back and forth discussion among viewers and critics.  I enjoy the show.  It's not a can't miss show for me obviously but I do enjoy it.  Overall thoughts on the season from me.  Just like everyone else, it has its good and bad.  The finale was interesting to see who would get to play the part of Marilyn with Rebecca out of the picture.  A battle behind the scenes with who wanted who to get the role with Derek pushing for Karen to get it over Ivy.  Karen got it and brought the house down while Ivy was in meltdown mode behind the scenes including her taking out the engagement of Karen and Dev.  The triangle between Frank, Julia, and Michael got to be a bit much at times.  Ellis.  What is the point of Ellis is the question that I had through the whole season?  I kept waiting for some sort of pay off with him thinking there surely has to be one.  I just kept thinking how does this guy get kept around when they get rid of people left and right but somehow keep this guy around who just gets on everybody's nerves.  I liked the addition of the Rebecca character to mix it up around the focus of the show.  Bringing in an actor instead of a singer which competed with what the other two were which were singers.  The last episode though brought it back to what the show had been from the first episode and that was the battle between Karen and Ivy for the role of Marilyn. 

So, season two is upcoming of the show and there are changes being made like crazy.  New people behind the scenes.  Changes in the cast.  One thing that has been discussed about is that the things that have not been loved by fans of the show could not be changed during season one.  They shot it all at once and everything was done by the time they got viewer feedback.  That viewer feedback is going to roll into season two is what it looks like.  Reports this week from E Online, The Hollywood Reporter, and broke news that four cast members were being removed as series regulars.  That includes the characters of Ellis, Michael, Dev, and Frank.  Interesting four names there.  There is talk that they may appear in some episodes but there are definitely changes coming for this show.  Season two will be interesting to see what they do with the viewer feedback and how they build the show. 

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