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One Tree Hill - Season Nine DVD - Review - May 24, 2012

One Tree Hill has come to its dramatic conclusion but fans can continue to get good OTH goodness with the new season nine box set.  I thought I'd give a quick overview and review of the set.  I really enjoyed the set.  For me, the highlights of the set are the "An Evening With One Tree Hill" which was the panel discussion including the cast and crew.  The other was the commentaries especially the commentary on the finale.  Season nine was a wild ride of emotions that saw the characters go through very dark times in their life.  We heard season nine was going to be dark and it was.  A lot happened in this final season but it was a lot of fun and what I've always loved about this show.  The finale might be the most at peace kind of series finale that I've ever seen.  I've watched it several times since it originally aired and I still love it.  It gave great closure and a tribute to the fans for this show we all loved.  On the commentary of the finale, we learned that one scene almost got cut from it due to the time constraints which would have been the "I Don't Wanna Be" segment.  Thankfully, the show was given extra time and it was left in.  Let me tell you.  I watched the repeat of the finale this week on The CW and that scene was removed.  Totally odd feeling with it out of there.  I thought the last ten minutes of the finale was perfect and to not see that scene left in during the repeat stung me a bit.  I'm so thankful that it was left in on its original airing on finale night and also of course on this DVD set. 

Extras included on the set include:
An Evening With One Tree Hill.  If you are a fan of this show, this is worth the purchase of the box set.  This was recorded several months ago with a panel of the cast and crew in front of the fans taking part in a Q&A session and talking about their time on the show.  This runs over an hour in length on its own.  I loved this and would recommend checking it out.  Lots of fun and great to see them all having fun.  It really shows with what we have all known and that it is a very close group.

Music Of One Tree Hill.  This extra obviously focuses on the music of the show and what an important part of the show that it has been.  This show has always had this amazing way of picking the right song for so many key scenes.  So many singers have made appearances on this show over the years.

The Story Of One Tree Hill.  Looking back on the history of the show and the fight to keep it going.  The stories and changes that occurred over the nine seasons.  Fun retrospective. 

The Fans Of One Tree Hill.  When you think One Tree Hill, you have to think the fans.  This has been a huge part of this show being where it is after nine years.  Fun extra looking at the fandom that has been One Tree Hill. 

Crew Cameras with Sophia.  Sophia Bush roaming around and hanging out with the cast and crew.  Fun to see her having fun with the crew.

Audio commentaries.  I have honestly only listened to one of these audio commentaries which is on the finale.  Take the time to listen to it.  Big group taking part in this commentary which give you a look into things that happened in the finale, stories, details of things put into the finale for show history's sake, and much more.  I loved this and it was fun to listen to them all looking back on this and saying goodbye.  Check this out.  Can't recommend that enough. 

Deleted scenes and the always funny blooper reel. 

I highly recommend this set as I've already said.  I really enjoyed it especially after watching it just days after the finale had aired.  Season nine was a great send off and the finale was perfect. 

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