Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Tree Hill Series Finale Gives Closure and Perfection

Good night Tree Hill.  "It's the oldest story in the world.  One day you're 17 and planning for someday.  Then quietly and without ever really noticing, someday is today.  Then, someday is yesterday.  And, this is your life."  The final scene of the series finale had everything that you could ask for last night. We're back where it all started inside the gym at Tree Hill High School.  Getting ready for the opening tip of yet another Ravens basketball game.  The setup was perfect. We suddenly realized that this wasn't the present day that we had just seen in the previous scene.  Reveals started to be made.  Kids growing up, a baby on the way, a couple back together, dreams realized, wishes coming true, and another Scott becoming a Tree Hill legend.  We're in another flash forward at the end of the episode.  This final scene had everything in it that I have loved about this show for nine years.  The surprises, the inspiration, the music, the flashbacks, the feel good moments, and it was perfect.  U2's "One Tree Hill" finished it out as the perfect song for this scene.  There is no adjective I can use other than perfect for this scene.  I've since went back and watched this scene over and over.  One Tree Hill came to a close last night giving fans what the producers had been saying all along.  This finale was a thank you to all of us.  All of us that have been with the show these amazing nine years.  A cast and crew of this amazing little show that could that just kept going and we kept loving it.  Make no mistake about it.  That line that Haley gave at the ten year anniversary celebration concert was a thank you message to all of us, the fans.  After a season that has been drama filled and most times sad, we got a finale that left us smiling and knowing that these characters that we've grown up with are going to be ok.  Not just ok but they're going to be great.  This episode had everything with the flashbacks whether they were major things such as the moment with Haley and Jamie and the wishes up on the rooftop. Flashbacks of just subtle things just as that shot of that intersection and seeing that stop light changing making you think back on Peyton from early on in the show.  Fun cameos that made us cheer such as seeing Bevin at the office and the feel good moment of her and Skillz ending up together.  A marriage and a family that had become separated now becoming an even stronger union with Quinn now helping Clay and his son.  Brooke's dreams coming true and living in a house that she loved growing up in.  Only thing missing was a real family and Julian made that happen for her.  Nathan and Haley continuing to grow and realizing that their someday was happening.  Nathan making it clear to Jamie that he could do whatever he wanted in his life.  Not putting pressure on him like Dan did with Nathan.  Jamie deciding that he wanted to be a basketball star like his dad and one of his wishes to be breaking his dad's scoring record.   Mouth getting the support to do what he wanted to do with the help of the Dan Scott estate.  I loved the whole deal with Dan basically saying what Mouth does matters.  Then, Mouth opened up the scholarship deal in Jimmy and Dan's name and also started his sports program.  Don't forget the baby on the way for Mouth and Millie too.  Chris Keller getting the big comeback in this episode and giving us a really fun and nice closure for him and Chase also.  There had been a lot of noise being made about the music on this episode especially with a retro feel.  We had that for sure with a lot of the songs being played.  Can I say that Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy rocked with the songs that they performed for the concert scenes?  So good!  Gavin DeGraw returns to play at the show and we, of course, close his part of the show with "I Don't Wanna Be" with a fun scene of seeing these characters that we love all interacting and having fun with one another as we see what their lives have become.  The topper for me again is that final scene.  I pondered how they could top last season's ending with Jamie Scott running across that bridge dribbling the basketball channeling Lucas.  They did just fine as that final image of seeing a high school basketball superstar version of Jamie Scott running out onto the Tree Hill court was just awesome.  Awesome, awesome!  What a way to close the show especially as that scene continued and we learned more and more of where we were and when we were in time.  Perfection.  We've been saying thank you to everyone involved with One Tree Hill all along during this final scene.  With this last episode, we got a big thank you from them.  We got closure. Past, present, and future.  It has been an incredible ride over these nine seasons and it's sad that it is over.  Thank you to everyone involved on the show.  Thank you to every single person that has had a part of this amazing show over the nine seasons.  Good night Tree Hill and thank you.

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