Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carrie Underwood Announces New Single, "Good Girl" - January 25, 2012

Carrie Underwood left fans with a good wake up call this morning. Carrie announced the news that her new single will be released soon. The title of it is "Good Girl". This will be the first single off of her upcoming fourth album. "Good Girl" will be going to radio on February 23rd. This is just the first of what should be a bunch of big announcements in the upcoming weeks and months. No release date on the album as of yet. We should also be expecting tour news sometime soon too as she has said recently that she will be on the road a lot in 2012. There was also an announcement a few days ago about the newest CMT Crossroads special which will have Carrie involved. She will team up with Steven Tyler on February 4th live on CMT. This will be taking place from Super Bowl weekend and will be the night before the Super Bowl. Based on what we heard a while back with this pair teaming up, this special should be amazing. There are a lot of songs from Steven Tyler that I would love to hear Carrie belt out so that should be exciting to watch. Meanwhile, here is the video announcement from Carrie this morning on the new single.

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