Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jana Kramer Single Launches On One Tree Hill - February 17, 2011

Jana Kramer can act. We knew that. However, we saw something on this week's One Tree Hill that added more to acting. Jana Kramer can sing. Ok, if you're familiar with Jana Kramer, you already know that she has been singing and getting some buzz coming out of Nashville for her performances. A couple of weeks ago saw the announcement that she has signed with Warner Music Nashville. Not long after that was the announcement that she would have her song "I Won't Give Up" premiere on this week's One Tree Hill. The song premiered on her website before the episode aired and my first thought was what an addicting little song this is. I love it and looked forward to hearing it used in that night's episode. I liked the tie in of her character, Alex, being brought in and it was a type of closure for her and Mia with their problems in the past. You can download Jana's song on iTunes where you have a choice of the original cut or an acoustic cut. If you just buy the whole album, you get both for a cheaper price. I love the song and look forward to hearing more out of her. Check out her website at:

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