Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thoughts On The Storm Chasers Premiere - October 13, 2010

The new season of Storm Chasers is underway and the teams are already out in the mix of it. By the looks of next week's episode, the TVN crew is too much in the mix of it as they head toward Yazoo City, MS. This first episode focused a lot on what occurred last season with the problems between Reed and Joel. They decided to team back up this season but are still not seeing eye to eye on everything including on what storms to chase. I like that the show really doesn't show any favoritism to anyone. They let each person give their side of the view and you pick your side on who you think is right. The two started not getting along again as the decision turned to whether to go to Mississippi and do an all night drive. The advantage was that there were some major storms likely to be happening. The disadvantage was that there were some major storms likely to be happening in bad terrain including lots of trees and also dealing with this after a full night's worth of driving. The TIV crew is having some communication issues. Josh is back at it this season as he is needing a better shot from inside a tornado. Josh decided to make some changes to his team including taking Byron out of the TIV and letting Matt sit in his place. Byron definitely saw it is a demotion while Josh's call was to have Matt in there so they could communicate better. You may remember that they had a lot of communication problems last season with their radios going out during the storms. However, Matt and Sean are already clashing on what storms to go after and their approach to intercepting these tornadoes. Josh also now has another IMAX team following the TIV getting different camera angles so Sean is directing two different vehicles now. The TWISTEX crew with Tim in charge is continuing to do what they do. They just get the job done. He showed off some of his new equipment to Sean which looked really cool. I like Tim. He just really uses his head and knows what storms to go after and which ones to not attempt. He stays level headed and gets a lot of data collected from tornadoes. There is still some major tension between the TVN and TIV crews over the similarities of the TIV and the Dominator. Like I said earlier, the show let both Sean and Reed give their point of views on it and let it stay at that. Next week's episode looks very intense and also very sad where you see that human side of the tragedy of these horrible storms. The Yazoo City tornado will be covered and the TVN crew is looking like they're going to be possibly the first on the scene to help.

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