Friday, October 15, 2010

Smallville 200th Episode Thoughts - October 15, 2010

UNSPECIFIED - MAY 22:  Medium shot of Tom Welling as Clark Kent.  (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros./Getty Images)
The past, present, and future all tied into one episode. Not just any episode but the 200th episode. What an episode and what a season so far!! Smallville is getting closer to finishing and there is no doubt that they are going out with a bang. The scene was set for the Smallville high school reunion complete with flashbacks of earlier seasons including Lana and Chloe. I loved Clark roaming around and seeing various moments of his high school days such as when he bumped into Lana in the front of the school and Chloe showing Clark the wall of weird. Lois talked Clark into returning to Smallville High and got a hero's welcome. Good comedy with Lois returning as well with her being annoyed that no one remembered her in high school. She was enrolled for 23 days and showed up for 5 of those days. LOL. Clark got an unexpected visitor in Brainiac. This visit wasn't a bad one as it was Brainiac from the future who is now a part of the Legion complete with the ring. He took Clark on a journey of his past helping him get past the darkness that filled him since his dad passed away. He basically told him that he can't keep blaming himself and dwelling on it. That is the darkness that we have been told about this season. It has been holding Clark back. Clark did end up in the future and saw what things were like. He was with Lois and she had been told his secret. Clark was Superman and on the front page of the papers. Clark avoided the Back To The Future paradox even after bumping into his "other self". Future Clark was expecting him because he knew of the events from his past. Both were able to make saves at the same time with future Clark stopping a nuclear incident while the other Clark saved Lois. Brainiac caught up to him in the future and Clark was now able to move on. He was able to see that he could have what he wanted in his life which included Lois. What about Oliver? Brainiac showed Clark just how much that Oliver did count on him being around even though Oliver tries to hide it. Clark showed up to support him in his network interview which is likely going to be a bonding type moment with them getting on the same page now. The new crew at The Torch got a message that appeared to be from Chloe acknowledging their work with carrying on her tradition. They did have the wall of weird all stored in a digital format. Clark gave a farewell to his dad at the gravesite and it served as that time to move on moment. Just a great episode all around. Powerful and brought out a ton of emotions from viewers. It let us reflect on the past, see what is happening currently and giving a glimpse of what to expect for the rest of the season, and then seeing what the future looks like as well. James Marsters was awesome in returning in his Brainiac role. Great episode. I don't know what else to say. Only bummer was not seeing some of the others get to share in the reunion such as Chloe or even Pete. However, the focus of it was on Clark and also on Lois. This episode is going to stand as the turning point of Clark getting back on track and that was what the important part of it was.

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