Monday, October 11, 2010

One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected Crossover Event Tonight, BB12's Britney Debuts On Super Pass, & More - October 12, 2010

Tonight is the big CW crossover event. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected cross worlds. On Life Unexpected, the radio station will be hosting a concert. In that concert will be none other than Haley and Gia from One Tree Hill. If there are some OTH fans that haven't checked out Life Unexpected, hopefully this will give them a chance to check out the show. I've really enjoyed Life Unexpected and am glad that it is back for another season. It's a good story and cast. The cast really takes me back to my WB viewing days of the past and that is a good thing. The fans do so great with getting the word out about this show and I hope to see it grow and grow. I'm curious to see what happens on One Tree Hill from here. Nathan announced to Haley that he was done with basketball. The decision was not only because of his deteriorating back but also the fact that he isn't being able to know his son like he wants. He learned from Julian that Jamie is great at baseball. Brooke learned that her mom had basically worked a deal where Brooke keeps the company but all the investors lose everything they had put into it. After getting a visit from one of those investors, Brooke was looking to overturn it and give back all she could to them since she knew how badly they had been wronged. Quinn and Clay continue their recovery as she was released from the hospital but he is still in there. Haley was looking to give back to others after fighting her depression by helping at a crisis hotline. Tune in tonight at 7pm central time on The CW for One Tree Hill followed by Haley and Gia invading Life Unexpected at 8pm.

If you're a Super Pass subscriber and still have your membership active after the end of Big Brother 12, tune in tonight at 5pm central time for Britney's first show. I'll be tuning in for sure.

DVR's have really changed the landscape of TV. Many choose to record shows and watch them at their convenience as opposed to live TV. When you see the live ratings for a show, many wait to see if they get a boost from the DVR numbers. The DVR ratings have been released for the new fall season. Hawaii Five-O and Grey's Anatomy led the way with the biggest boost. It seems like several of the new shows did well in the DVR numbers which does include the new NBC show, The Event. New shows jumping doesn't surprise me. I would likely do the same thing with new shows and record them for later to see if they're any good. Once again, several regular CW shows jumped as well including The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural which had good increases. The CW shows have seen significant jumps in the last year when DVR numbers get added in. The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee were also among more of the big increase in viewers.

TV on DVD releases for today. First, another re-release of the Buffy and Angel box sets. If you haven't gotten them, what are you waiting for? Staying with the Joss Whedon theme, the second and final season of Dollhouse is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Other releases include: C.S.I. Miami (Season Eight), Ghost Whisperer (Season Five), The Tudors (Season Four).

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