Saturday, October 9, 2010

Miranda Lambert Rocks The CFSB Center In Murray, KY - October 8, 2010

Miranda Lambert brought her Revolution tour to the campus of Murray State University last night in Murray, KY. The CFSB Center played host to the concert and it was a packed house. If the building wasn't sold out, it was as close as it could be. A big crowd was into the concert from beginning to end. Josh Kelley opened up the show and got the show off to a fun start. The crowd really enjoyed him and he went through a lot of his new music while also adding in some older stuff as well. Eric Church took the stage after him and performed for around an hour. I am not as familiar with Eric Church so a lot of his music was new to me. Definitely a rocker sound to his music mixed in with the country sound. Miranda Lambert walked on stage around 9:00pm to a very lively crowd. She opened up with her new single, "Only Prettier" and then right into Kerosene. Kerosene is one of my favorite songs of hers and the background on the stage looked great with the song. "Famous In A Small Town" got a Murray and Kentucky touch to it having Murray signs put up in the background on the screen to give it that nice personal touch for the Murray crowd. "Dead Flowers" is a favorite song of mine and it just has one of those addicting beats to it from the beginning. She slowed it down even more with "More Like Her" with her walking out and sitting on the walkway and singing a lot of it with the spotlight on her. It looked really good. One surprise of the night was her cover of "Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo". I was not expecting it and she did stepped up big doing it. That was one of my favorite performances of the night. Speaking of favorites of the night, that gets me to "The House That Built Me". This is one of my favorite songs of hers and it sounded awesome. It sounded great at Nashville Rising back in the summer and it did at Murray too. At one point, she stopped singing and let the crowd pick it up for her. They were singing it loud and didn't miss a beat. Miranda loved it too. She started to wrap the show up with her big hit "White Liar" which was a big crowd pleaser getting everyone up on their feet. Fun moment at the end with her pausing before finishing the last lyric. She then picked out a guy in the audience and pointed saying "white liar" finishing the song. She did do an encore coming back out in her own sports jersey. Fun show and the crowd was really into it. There were a lot of her songs that I wasn't as familiar with that are off of her Revolution album but I know all of her hits. Miranda definitely has that mix of country and rock with her show. Miranda's personality really showed in this concert and it really connected with the crowd. She was showing off that engagement ring too from Blake Shelton. She left the Murray crowd very happy with their Friday night at the CFSB Center.

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