Monday, October 4, 2010

Chuck, Amazing Race, Cancellations, & More - October 4, 2010

Hey NBC, it would be really nice if you'd help promote Chuck. It is on your network after all. Just saying. Last week's episode was a fun one and I'm enjoying this season. Jeffster returned to the new Buy More after Morgan realized that the store ran a little too efficient. Make that way too efficient for it to be the Buy More. The old crew was recruited and brought back after a talk with the General who saw things his way. The General even rewarded Morgan with the promotion to store manager. Why hadn't Sarah unpacked yet at Chuck's? She finally did but the end of the episode definitely showed that she has issues especially with marriage. Her eyes definitely lit in a bad way when Chuck even mentioned the word marriage. The two of them working through their issue while on task was a lot of fun. Tonight's episode features the return of Steve Austin and Nicole Richie. Chuck and Sarah had quite the battle with them in their previous run ins. Stacy Keibler also guest stars on tonight's episode. Episode three of Chuck tonight on NBC at 7pm central time.

Last night's Amazing Race had the annual trip watching the teams sweat it out while their cab drivers made driving moves that would make anyone pass out. Line of the show goes to the one team who said "I want my mom" while watching their driver fly through traffic. Did you see the two cabs that forced a third lane? WOW. Brook and Claire finished first on this leg of the race and are looking like a tough team early on in the race. Remember where they finished last week despite Claire taking a watermelon to the face!! Andie and Jenna were eliminated which was a bummer for me. I liked that team and was pulling for them.

Two casualties already for the new fall season. Lone Star was cancelled by Fox and then ABC cancelled My Generation. I've said this before and I'll say it again. I really don't watch many new shows until they've gotten off of the ground. I've seen networks push shows hard to get you to tune in only to cancel it after one or two episodes. Fox has been the one to get me the most on that. I'd still love to know how Reunion was going to turn out. Anyway, this is how TV is now. If you don't perform right out of the gate, there won't be any patience for you to build an audience.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 5. All In The Family (Season Seven), Ally McBeal (Season Three - Five), Bones (Season Five), Cake Boss (Season Two), Medium (Season Six), Survivor Africa ( Exclusive DVD Release), Survivor Marquesas ( Exclusive DVD Release).

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