Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 Notes: Marsters/Smallville, Dollhouse, & More - July 24, 2010

Various notes on some of the happenings at Comic-Con so far. James Marsters was there as a part of the Caprica panel. He did announce that he will be returning to Smallville for the final season. The Smallville panel will be taking place on Sunday. An exclusive Dollhouse lithograph will be available at Comic-Con while supplies last to those that preorder season two of Dollhouse on DVD or Blu-ray. The DVD set will also include a comic called "Epitaphs". The book will bring the two episodes of Epitaph One and Two together. From what I understand, the comic book will be available in all the DVD sets and not be a Comic-Con exclusive. The cover of it looks awesome!! The lithograph is a Comic-Con exclusive. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows panel is said to have people camping out to get into it, to no surprise. I expect that will be a huge event. Felicia Day is in attendance at Comic-Con and has been posting on Twitter. She and The Guild crew will be having their panel this afternoon from 2-3pm at the Hilton, Indigo Ballroom. Panels scheduled for Sunday include Smallville, Castle, Glee, and Supernatural among many.

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