Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost - The Backstory Revealed On Jacob & His Brother - May 11, 2010

This week's Lost was incredible!!! I did not want that episode to end. I kept waiting to see what kind of backstory that we would learn to make more sense out of this season. Well, tonight sure helped with that. We got the backstory of Jacob and his brother and that was the entire episode. I kept waiting to see if we would get a name for his brother but we didn't. So, the brother clearly had something in him from the beginning which his "mother" saw as she continued to see him as special. We found out that Jacob and her were one in the same after she named him to protect the center of the island. It was literally a story of two different agendas from the brothers. Jacob was happy there and saw it as home while his brother had been all over the island with his people learning and trying to find a way off the island. This of course was fueled when the brothers learned the fate of their birth mother. The brother started digging the well and talked of how he was going to attach the wheel to use the power of the light. I loved that we got the story of how the mother had set it up as well where the two brothers could not kill each other. This explains why it was crucial for Ben to kill Jacob because the brother couldn't do it. The revelation was shown on how Jacob threw his brother into the light which turned him into the smoke monster. They did not tell us however how he is able to become other people that have been killed. How awesome was it that they tied that whole thing back to early in the show's run? We saw the scene again with Jack finding the black and white game pieces along with the bodies. Locke then said that it was their very own Adam and Eve. That tie up to the episode going back that far in the series left me very pumped up on how they did that with the story. I'll never see that original episode in the same way again for sure. Incredible. Great, great episode. All right. Ready for next week's episode.

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