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Late Night TV Drama, Chuck Returns, Smallville News, & More - January 14, 2010

I obviously want to start off by sending my thoughts and prayers to the people in Haiti with the major earthquake that hit earlier this week. Just awful news. People are looking for ways to help and the most common thing that I’ve seen is donating money to the Red Cross from your cell phone. To donate $10 to the Red Cross relief efforts, text “HAITI” to 90999. Keep everyone there in your prayers cause this is just a horrible situation there.

Conan O'Brien Appears on The Tonight Show with Jay LenoThe news of the entertainment week has been the late night drama at NBC. What a mess!! This is just a bad situation all around for everyone. I want to point out that I love both Leno and Conan. I thought it was a gamble putting Leno on in primetime and then having Conan on The Tonight Show. I actually thought it was worth a shot and expected it to do better than it has. Now, we’re in a spot where Leno is struggling with viewers, The Tonight Show audience is down, and something has to be done. NBC’s decision on what they want to do is move Leno back to 10:35 central time, have Conan moved back to 11:05, and then move Jimmy Fallon back to 12:05. This made me feel bad for the others involved including Conan and Fallon. Conan waited to get that spot to be earlier in the night and now he would be only thirty minutes from where he was. Fallon would be on at an even worse time. One thing that I find curious is that no one is even talking about Carson Daly who would be on at 1:05 on this current time scheme. What do you do here? Conan was promised The Tonight Show and he got it. Now, the network wants to do something to keep Leno. NBC was already in a tough spot anyway as Leno stepped aside to give the baton to Conan. Leno was not ready to give up The Tonight Show but understood the situation with having Conan waiting in the wings. Conan had waited for a long time and NBC didn’t want him to get away. Now, we’re right back where we started. Conan put out a statement earlier this week saying that he was not going to do the new TV schedule citing how The Tonight Show had always been seen at its current time and he didn’t want that to change. He also added that he didn’t want to hurt the show that he left with Late Night and have Fallon on at even a rougher time slot. I thought Conan was really classy in his statement especially with how mad he has every right to be. He has not been shy at taking shots at NBC on The Tonight Show and is now taking jabs at Leno as of last night. It has also provided the other late night hosts plenty of material. You just know that Letterman is loving this as he was in a similar situation when he left NBC years ago. He has been firing at NBC as well. Jimmy Kimmel even did a parody of Leno the other night on his show. What do you do if you’re NBC? I have no idea!! There is no way that you’re going to make everybody happy and you have to be careful as to not upset everyone involved. It does seem to look like Conan will end up leaving so I guess that Leno would get The Tonight Show back? What is the viewership going to be like at that point with how people feel over NBC’s handling of the situation? I see this from all points of view. Leno wasn’t ready to quit late night TV and was ready to move. NBC tried to keep him happy. Conan wanted to move up and they moved him to Leno’s spot and he was kept happy. Now, no one is happy. Just unbelievable but late night sure has gotten even more interesting to watch because of it. Jimmy Fallon had a good line last night on his show where he said that it was like getting into a marriage and realizing that your in-laws were crazy. LOL. Conan is building a LOT of support through this and the backlash is going to be big against NBC and already is. Conan is already playing “classic Tonight Show moments” of his run there including going “way back to August of 2009”. NBC just looks bad in this whole situation especially after just giving Conan the job. What is happening from here? Leno’s show has indeed been pulled from the midseason schedule so that show is done. There are reports today that Leno is about to take over The Tonight Show with Conan leaving NBC next Friday. Neither NBC or the others involved have confirmed the story. We’ll just have to wait and see what the official word is but I think Conan’s tone on The Tonight Show is telling it all. I can’t blame him at all for being mad. He had his dream job and now it is being taken from him just like that.

Here is a link to the statement that Conan released earlier in the week if you haven't seen it.

Chuck is back and had a lot of buzz going on Sunday night with its season premiere. The show was a top trending topic on Twitter during its premiere. The ratings were the highest that it has been since last season's 3D episode and much higher than the overall season two average. Over seven million viewers tuned in to Sunday night's episodes. Great, great, great news!! I'm so excited to see this show getting a rebound in viewers. Add in that this doesn't count DVR and online viewers so this is good news for us Chuck fans. I've enjoyed the first three episodes. Lots of good action. We continue to get teased on Chuck and Sarah which is what we love. Awesome is even getting into the action this season. The upgrade storyline is fun to follow with us seeing that Chuck can pretty much do whatever he wants as long as he keeps his emotions in check. With NBC in the shape that it is in right now, I think we can relax about Chuck’s status for the time being.

ABC has picked up three of its new shows for renewal for next season. These shows are Cougar Town, The Middle, and Modern Family.

The CW announced its return dates for midseason. Smallville will return on January 22. One Tree Hill returns on January 18. Vampire Diaries and Supernatural will both return on January 21. However, 90210 and Melrose Place have a long hiatus still ahead as both aren't being brought back until March 9. America's Next Top Model will return on March 3.

Could Smallville be getting a renewal for season ten? Dawn Ostroff sure made it sound that way when questioned on the show at the TCA press tour. She said that she is happy with the show creatively and the ratings that it is doing on Friday nights for the network. She did admit that she didn't think the show would be around for a tenth season when this season began. I just don't understand the lack of respect that the show has gotten since moving to The CW. The show is hardly ever promoted and gets overlooked all the time and then gets exiled to Friday nights. The ratings are down for the show since moving to Fridays but what do you expect? The show has been very good this season and has a ton of potential going into the second half. Great to hear the news of the chances of renewal. I just wish the network would appreciate it more.

E Online did a poll letting fans vote on their favorite leading lady on TV. The winner was Yvonne Strahovski who plays Sarah on Chuck. Who did she beat out for it? Allison Mack, who plays Chloe on Smallville. Close vote with Yvonne winning 52% to 48%. There were 128 women in the running for it. Yeah, those are two of my favorites too. Allison is going to get the nod from me though between the two to the shock of no one. LOL.

Box office movie numbers for last weekend. 1. Avatar - $48.5 million. 2. Sherlock Holmes - $16.6 million. 3. Alvin and the Chipmunks - $16.3 million. 4. Daybreakers - $15 million. 5. It’s Complicated - $11 million. 6. Leap Year - $9.1 million. 7. The Blind Side - $7.7 million. 8. Up In The Air - $7.1 million. 9. Youth In Revolt - $7 million. 10. The Princess and the Frog - $4.7 million.

Now, you know that the Kristen Bell fan in me is going to have to check out the new movie, When In Rome.

I finished up season five of One Tree Hill and will give more thoughts on it later. I enjoyed the flash forward and it was fun to see what happened to the characters in that four years. I’ve just started season six so I’m looking forward to getting more into it.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, January 19. 21 Jump Street (Season One), Dallas (Season Twelve), Damages (Season Two), Fraggle Rock (Full Series), The Game (Season Two), Girlfriends (Season Eight), Hunter (Season One), Jonathan Creek (Season Four), Law & Order (Year 7), Pawn Stars (Season One), Renegade (Season One), thirtysomething (Season Two), Weeds (Season Five).

Twitter Update Of The Week: Rachel Reinert of Gloriana:
@RachReinert “guy next door is now blaring infomercials. i'd set an alarm for 2morrow am but i'm sure i'll be waking up to him singing Boyz II Men again”

TV Line Of The Week: From The Tonight Show with Conan talking about what NBC is doing to prepare for The Winter Olympics.
“Replace the flags on the giant slalom course with breached NBC contracts. Reserve the right to cancel ski jumps mid-jump. Move the Bronze up to Gold’s place, Silver stays where it is, and add a new medal for fourth place called the “NBC”. “

Video Of The Week: American Idol gets a memorable audition with “Pants On The Ground”.

Take care and God bless!!

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