Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I Met Your Mother - 100th Episode - January 14, 2010

'How I Met Your Mother' 100th Episode Celebration Beverly HillsThis week's How I Met Your Mother was the 100th episode for the sitcom. Really fun episode that featured a musical number, Rachel Bilson and Stacy Keibler as guest stars, and getting one roommate away from finding out who the mother is going to be. First, let's get to the mother storyline. I loved how the show teased me with happiness and then anger in a span of ten seconds. Ted ends up in the apartment of his date and we get the dialogue of seeing the mother's toy bus for the first time. I snap to and think Rachel Bilson is going to play the mother and it's revealed!! Then, a few seconds later, I hit my hand on the table when we get the line of "that is my roommate's". Ugh!!!! LOL. I was hoping that she was the role of the mother. So, we got the tease of the roommate and just how much he noticed that he had in common with her based on things in the room. I felt bad for Cindy though cause she talked of how she is always overshadowed by guys falling in love with her roommate and not her. The musical number. Wait for it....awesome. Gotta love having Neil Patrick Harris breaking out into a musical again which has been long awaited since Dr. Horrible. Really fun finish to the show talking about the decision of girls vs. suits. The basic story of that was Stacy Keibler played a bartender that Barney was interested in. Only problem was that she hated Wall Street guys cause she had been burned by them. Barney is never without a suit and there was the problem. Fun storyline. Really good 100th episode. If you missed the incredible musical number, here it is:

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